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Posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty (Winner of Celebrity Big Brother) is with her 5 foot 9 inches tall considered to have the best body in Bollywood.

Yet even with the best beautiful body you can look all but sexy. Just look at this very unflattering top of the swimwear Shilpa is wearing: hot or not?


Choose your swimwear nicely:
corsets shouldn't be beach wear,
unless you live in 1920...

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Posted on Sunday, January 28, 2007

Which swimwear to choose to make your legs longer?

Or at least to make your legs appear longer. Or as usual: which swimwear accentuates the beauty of your body and distracts the eye from your short legs? Follow the swimwear secrets revealed by this Paris Hilton swimwear to make your legs appear longer:

paris hilton sexy swimwear

  • Paris Hilton wears a swimsuit with a high cut on the thighs. This kind of swimwear will make your legs look much longer and give you a more sexy and flirty look.
  • In stead of wearing a bikini and a thong, wear a one color, one-piece bathing suit with a plunging neckline. This kind of swimwear creates a top to bottom long appearance and is absolutely hot.

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Posted on Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How to chose the right thong swimwear?

Is it true that thong swimwear is uncomfortable? Well, the answer is simple: for some it is, and for some it isn't...

To be sure, try out the smoother than butter hanky panky thongs from hanky panky underwear. If hanky panky thongs don't feel comfortable, well, then face it: you don't have a thong butt!

Thong swimwear by example

The most thong swimwear must be worn by Brazilian girls. The thong you see on those bikini beaches tend to have very thin thong-lines at the back. This is because if the back of the thong swimwear is too wide or the seems are too thick, then the thong will literally become a pain in the butt.

Yet for the front of a thong, you can chose as big as you feel like.

Thong swimwear in swimsuit calendars

bikini babes

One of the bikini babes of the 2003 Kingfisher swimsuit calendar
showing off her thong butt.

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Posted on Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bollywood movies have provided some cute wallpaper babes for your computer wallpaper. Yet there is more than Hindi movies to tap from...

Kingfisher swimsuit calendar

Showing hot Indian women in beautiful Indian fashion swim-wear, the Kingfisher
swimwear calendar has made its' way far beyond the Pirelli calendar on which it is modeled to...

bollywood movies

Sexy girls with wet bodies trapped in cozy swimwear...
(Photographer Anul Kasbekar)

bollywood movies

What is more beautiful: the swimwear or the flowers?

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Posted on Thursday, January 11, 2007

Brazilian girls swimsuits

Brazilian girls swimsuits are often tiny things called thongs. Nothing wrong with this kind of swimwear you would say? Well...

If you are on the beach, your boyfriend is drinking sangria and your swimwear is a thong, guess what can happen? Daniela Cicarelli explains by example in the recently paparazzi posted video Daniela Cicarelli.

daniela cicarelli

video daniela cicarelli

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Posted on Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bollywood girls in swimsuits or bikinis

Bollywood is great for the fashion industry: in stead of wearing no clothes like in Hollywood, Bollywood movies stick to wearing designer bikinis or sometimes even swimwear. Where better to show of your fashionable collection of designer swimwear than on Bollywood movies?

Yet a new trend has started for the Bollywood hot females reaching 30: more spirituality, less bikini...

Bips leaves girls swimsuits

Hot beauty Bips confesses also she is bored with bikini sex. She wants some more fun that mingles sex with spirituality.

Our hot female Bollywood actress said: "I will no longer be a sexy symbol of Bollywood movies, I will become a spiritual woman."

A lead role in the new Bollywood movie "Jai Mata Di" could show less bikini and more spirituality...

Nothing wrong with combining the 2 we would say...

Young girls swimsuits

swimwear bollywood

Since hot sexy celebrity Bipasha Baso is far from 30 and therefore still a very young girl, we hope she still will show some beautiful bikini posters as the one below. Since we are not bored with Bips swimwear at all!

Swimwear tip

If you have a big chest, a square-cut neck like in the swimwear shown above will minimize a big chest.

Return for more hot sexy celebrity swimwear tips in our next

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Posted on Monday, January 08, 2007

Or so the gossip says... No more bikinis would be the case for bollywood actress and celebrity Bipasha Baso after wearing a bikini in Dhoom 2 (another film from the Bollywood movies) where the beautiful actress plays a Brazilian girl. But is it really true that she doesn't want to wear a bikini anymore because as hot sexy celebrity Bipasha Baso says: 1 time is enough, otherwise the "masala" is gone...

Girls swimsuits

swimwear no

Very un-sexy swimwear choice for this Bollywood Actress

How to chose the right swimwear in girls swimsuits?

swimwear yes

Very sexy swimwear choice for this Bollywood Actress

If you are well proportioned like most Bollywood actresses are, you want to minimize your chest. So you look for a dark color and not yellow like in the first swimwear picture.

If you have wide hips or a belly bulge, then don't use a single colored swimwear outfit, but go for blocks of colours or designs. You don't want to look as if you are wearing a diaper, but you are wearing swimwear, ready to enjoy the beach :-)

If you want people to admire your swimwear, then choose swimwear with texture (ruffles, smocking...see red swimwear picture) or swimwear with a small prints, which will divert the attention to your swimsuit.

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Posted on Monday, January 08, 2007

girls swimsuits swimwearGirls swimsuits will show you pictures of girls in swimwear. We prefer to collect pictures of swimwear worn by Bollywood actresses or any other hot females.

Bikini beach pictures of beautiful beach girls make beautiful wallpapers or give you an idea what girls swimwear to wear. Find also beach blonds at Girls Swimsuits. We start of with Bollywood actress Aishwary Rai...

Bollywood actress in swimwear: Aishwary Rai

ollywood actress Aishwary Rai Swimwear