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Posted on Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bollywood girls in swimsuits or bikinis

Bollywood is great for the fashion industry: in stead of wearing no clothes like in Hollywood, Bollywood movies stick to wearing designer bikinis or sometimes even swimwear. Where better to show of your fashionable collection of designer swimwear than on Bollywood movies?

Yet a new trend has started for the Bollywood hot females reaching 30: more spirituality, less bikini...

Bips leaves girls swimsuits

Hot beauty Bips confesses also she is bored with bikini sex. She wants some more fun that mingles sex with spirituality.

Our hot female Bollywood actress said: "I will no longer be a sexy symbol of Bollywood movies, I will become a spiritual woman."

A lead role in the new Bollywood movie "Jai Mata Di" could show less bikini and more spirituality...

Nothing wrong with combining the 2 we would say...

Young girls swimsuits

swimwear bollywood

Since hot sexy celebrity Bipasha Baso is far from 30 and therefore still a very young girl, we hope she still will show some beautiful bikini posters as the one below. Since we are not bored with Bips swimwear at all!

Swimwear tip

If you have a big chest, a square-cut neck like in the swimwear shown above will minimize a big chest.

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