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Posted on Monday, January 08, 2007

Or so the gossip says... No more bikinis would be the case for bollywood actress and celebrity Bipasha Baso after wearing a bikini in Dhoom 2 (another film from the Bollywood movies) where the beautiful actress plays a Brazilian girl. But is it really true that she doesn't want to wear a bikini anymore because as hot sexy celebrity Bipasha Baso says: 1 time is enough, otherwise the "masala" is gone...

Girls swimsuits

swimwear no

Very un-sexy swimwear choice for this Bollywood Actress

How to chose the right swimwear in girls swimsuits?

swimwear yes

Very sexy swimwear choice for this Bollywood Actress

If you are well proportioned like most Bollywood actresses are, you want to minimize your chest. So you look for a dark color and not yellow like in the first swimwear picture.

If you have wide hips or a belly bulge, then don't use a single colored swimwear outfit, but go for blocks of colours or designs. You don't want to look as if you are wearing a diaper, but you are wearing swimwear, ready to enjoy the beach :-)

If you want people to admire your swimwear, then choose swimwear with texture (ruffles, smocking...see red swimwear picture) or swimwear with a small prints, which will divert the attention to your swimsuit.

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