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Posted on Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How to chose the right thong swimwear?

Is it true that thong swimwear is uncomfortable? Well, the answer is simple: for some it is, and for some it isn't...

To be sure, try out the smoother than butter hanky panky thongs from hanky panky underwear. If hanky panky thongs don't feel comfortable, well, then face it: you don't have a thong butt!

Thong swimwear by example

The most thong swimwear must be worn by Brazilian girls. The thong you see on those bikini beaches tend to have very thin thong-lines at the back. This is because if the back of the thong swimwear is too wide or the seems are too thick, then the thong will literally become a pain in the butt.

Yet for the front of a thong, you can chose as big as you feel like.

Thong swimwear in swimsuit calendars

bikini babes

One of the bikini babes of the 2003 Kingfisher swimsuit calendar
showing off her thong butt.

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