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Posted on Sunday, February 25, 2007

Antonella Barba

American Idol Antonella Barba is getting the news not for her singing, not even for her swimwear... and that's exactly the reason: no swimwear!

I am a big American Idol fan: mostly enjoying brave people who dare to join in.

This year I agree that the girls are still better than the guys, yet I noticed this years' American Idol that there were a lot of hot beautiful women who in my opinion are there more for their looks...

Girls swimwear where?

I cut out the other 3 beautiful girls from this Antonella Barba photo, as all girls are topless. No picture of a bathing suit, means you do not get featured in Girls Swimsuits... Unless your name is Dale :-)

antonella barba swimwear

Antonella Barba topless bikini

Posted on Saturday, February 24, 2007

Swimwear in the air!

Girls Swimsuits "swimwear in the air" will be aired by dearest Dale this sunday night at 9 eastern standard time.

Its 4 people talking about issues and its very funny. Could be about how to wear a bathing suit, but probably much more hilarious!

The show (iTunes podcast) will be talking about Girls Swimsuits, so if you are as curious as me what's so funny about swimwear in the air: tune into Dales' and follow the instructions on his web page to listen how Girls Swimsuits sound :-)

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Posted on Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kim Kardashian tape

If you ever saw Paris Hilton these days, you notice her new friend: the one with the gigantic melons: Kim Kardashian.

Now Kim Kardashian has a video out, doing water sports for which you don't need any bathing suit...Now beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I can tell you, Kim Kardashian looks better showing of her beautiful body in a bathing suit.

So below my favorite picture from the Kim Kardashian tape:

Kim Kardashian sex video

Kim Kardashian sex video swimwear extract

Kim Kardashian is wearing a triangle bikini. This kind of bikini explains itself: a revealing style bikini with triangle-shaped pieces and straps around the neck and back. Very sexy and "practical" bikini if you have some hanky panky planned ...

Having boobs like Kim Kardashian: an adjustable string underneath her triangle bikini would add some extra support.

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Posted on Monday, February 19, 2007

Go featuring me!

This is the deal: (Dale gave me an idea to find more quality
sites when visiting mine)

you feature me,
me feature you!

Ok, Ok, not me in a bathing suit, but my "Girls Swimsuits" got featured by writer and artist Dale D'Alessio (Dalectomy) who offers a humorous look at life, history and his own ventures:

girls swimsuits dale favorite

Dale at the left, me and my swimwear at the right!

Chinese New Year

Wishing you all a prosperous Chinese New Year, lots of success and my first CNY dream came true: I got featured :-) Second dream is too hot to tell. Third dream: I get featured again!

Why I love Dale :-)

The 3 main reasons why I feature Dale are:

  • - Dale featured my Girls Swimsuits first without asking :-)
  • - Dale has taste, see the sentence above
  • - Dale has been sending me humorous messages each time on mybloglog: I love to know the people behind any site, a site like Dale's blog

So if you think Girls Swimsuits is worth reading for your visitors because:

  • - your women readers love fashion swimwear tips

  • - your men readers like to look at hot girls in swimsuits

then feature me and I will feature you back.

Please know that this is a family oriented swimsuit site (although I don't reveal which family...), so no hot girls taking off swimsuits :-)

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Posted on Thursday, February 15, 2007

In my opinion is Beyonce irreplaceable in the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

The most hot and sexy Beyonce swimwear picture is the one below: really love her bathing suit. Beyonce exposed her belly with the most beautiful bikini-tankini I have ever seen.

byonce irreplaceable swimwear

Beyonce booty

Another cute swimwear of Beyonce showing her booty in a bikini with hipster bottom. A hipster bottom is cut straight on your hips and offers full booty coverage.

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Posted on Monday, February 12, 2007

Gisele Bundchen pic

gisele bundchen pictures

A real Gisele Bundchen pic, not a touched up runway model picture showing of designer bathing suits. This is Gisele Bundchen a year ago relaxing on a beach in Honolulu with hubby surfer Kelly Slater. Not a bikini from a runway show, just wearing her own cute, sweet blue swimwear. No work, no modeling, no fashion statements...

Brazilian Supermodel Gisele Bundchen

brazilian supermodel gisele bundchenWho says modeling doesn't pay the bills? This 26 years young beautiful woman one of the world's richest runway models: the hot and sexy fashion show model is currently the face of more than 20 brands and from last year until now alone earned $30 million... (I better start looking beautiful and think smart myself too :-) )

Gisele Bundchen is wearing a tankini, which is a swimwear variation on a bikini: a two-piece bathing suit with the comfort of a one-piece swimsuit. The top is longer than a normal bikini and leaves the belly exposed. A tankini has a fun and sporty look which suits Brazilian topmodel Gisele Bundchen perfectly.

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Posted on Thursday, February 08, 2007

Our condolences to Anna's friends and family.

  • born: 28.11.1967 in Houston, Texas USA
  • died: today
  • why: mystery!

Anna Nicole Smith swimwear

anna nicole smith

Anna's swimwear is a halter bikini. This kind of bikini normally has:

  • tied straps or hooks behind the neck and
  • a back closure.

A halter bikini offers maximum support for a full bust like Anna Nicole Smith (needless to point that out...)

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Posted on Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Kim, daughter of OJ Simpson’s lawyer Robert Kardashian is a real beauty and stylist.. So she was spotted by the magazine Complex to cover the February issue.

high heels

Now who says you cannot wear high heals with swimwear? High heals are also practical when you swim above sea earchins and decide to step down...

Gossip says Kim Kardashian has undergone many plastic surgeries such as her nose, lips, cheeks, as well as breast augmentation. The latter is what the pictures in Complex are all accentuating...

Kim Kardashian hotter than Paris Hilton

Kim Kardashian's celebrity is primarily attributed to her close association with Paris Hilton. Yet look closely at the girls swimsuits in the picture below: who stands out in these swimsuits?

Kim Kardashian

Right! Kim Kardashian overshadows Paris Hilton!

Kim Kardashian is wearing a triangle bikini : this kind of swimwear with an adjustable string underneath adds extra boobs support.

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Posted on Monday, February 05, 2007
The most revealing swimwear style is the monokini. Don't confuse a monokini with a topless: monokini bathing suits are one piece swimsuits. They look like a bikini, with the top and bottom parts connected in the middle at your front.

This sexy type of swimwear especially shows off your sides, like in the picture of Bollywood movies beauty Deepika Padukone.

deepika padukone

Japanese street fashion

If you walk in the streets of Japan, you notice on the spot that Japanese women are daring in wearing hot clothes. When the daring Japanese take the monokini to the next level, you end up with the picture below.

japanese girls in swimsuits

In the above Japanese girl in swimsuit picture, the top and bottom part of her bathing suit is almost gone, leaving just the "connection" of the monokini. It resembles a slingshot hence the name slingshot bikini.

Bikini hair removal anyone?

You really need a complete Brazilian hair removal, or better still: go for permanent hair removal if you always feel like walk around like the girl in the above swimwear picture! You better wear it on adult beaches or in countries where people don't frown upon your dress code... and do use sun tan lotions with a very high protection factor (SPF).

Anyway, slingshot maillots are way too daring for me and it defies the whole purpose of a monokini as monokinis should accentuate your sides, not your private parts...

Posted on Sunday, February 04, 2007

How to choose bathing suits to give long legs illusions? Don't just look for any designer swimwear, yet choose the swimsuit that suits your body and mind-set. Especially look for swimwear that accentuates what you want to accentuate (which is always easier than trying to hide this or that so called body imperfectness).

Zebra Stripes

Molly Anderson

Worn by beautiful swimwear model Molly Anderson, this lady bathing suit with zebra stripes hides the strings on the hips. If you choose a bikini in order to make your legs look longer:

choose a bathing suit that has adjustable strings at the hips!

The strings in the picture above blend in nicely with the zebra stripes design.

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Posted on Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor won the best actress for her role in 'Omkara' at the Hero Honda Star Screen Awards in Mumbai last month.

kareena kapoor

There are so far not much Kareena Kapoor pictures in swimwear: the above picture doesn't show of the beauty of Kareena, nor is very sexy, I just felt like gossiping a bit :-)

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Posted on Friday, February 02, 2007

Me! ...

mybloglog hot member girls swimsuits

At least for a short time I am the hottest member in Mybloglog for this "girls swimsuits" and "celebrity swimwear" site.

Make me hot forever!

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