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Posted on Sunday, February 25, 2007

Antonella Barba

American Idol Antonella Barba is getting the news not for her singing, not even for her swimwear... and that's exactly the reason: no swimwear!

I am a big American Idol fan: mostly enjoying brave people who dare to join in.

This year I agree that the girls are still better than the guys, yet I noticed this years' American Idol that there were a lot of hot beautiful women who in my opinion are there more for their looks...

Girls swimwear where?

I cut out the other 3 beautiful girls from this Antonella Barba photo, as all girls are topless. No picture of a bathing suit, means you do not get featured in Girls Swimsuits... Unless your name is Dale :-)

antonella barba swimwear

Antonella Barba topless bikini