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Posted on Monday, February 19, 2007

Go featuring me!

This is the deal: (Dale gave me an idea to find more quality
sites when visiting mine)

you feature me,
me feature you!

Ok, Ok, not me in a bathing suit, but my "Girls Swimsuits" got featured by writer and artist Dale D'Alessio (Dalectomy) who offers a humorous look at life, history and his own ventures:

girls swimsuits dale favorite

Dale at the left, me and my swimwear at the right!

Chinese New Year

Wishing you all a prosperous Chinese New Year, lots of success and my first CNY dream came true: I got featured :-) Second dream is too hot to tell. Third dream: I get featured again!

Why I love Dale :-)

The 3 main reasons why I feature Dale are:

  • - Dale featured my Girls Swimsuits first without asking :-)
  • - Dale has taste, see the sentence above
  • - Dale has been sending me humorous messages each time on mybloglog: I love to know the people behind any site, a site like Dale's blog

So if you think Girls Swimsuits is worth reading for your visitors because:

  • - your women readers love fashion swimwear tips

  • - your men readers like to look at hot girls in swimsuits

then feature me and I will feature you back.

Please know that this is a family oriented swimsuit site (although I don't reveal which family...), so no hot girls taking off swimsuits :-)

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