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Posted on Monday, February 05, 2007
The most revealing swimwear style is the monokini. Don't confuse a monokini with a topless: monokini bathing suits are one piece swimsuits. They look like a bikini, with the top and bottom parts connected in the middle at your front.

This sexy type of swimwear especially shows off your sides, like in the picture of Bollywood movies beauty Deepika Padukone.

deepika padukone

Japanese street fashion

If you walk in the streets of Japan, you notice on the spot that Japanese women are daring in wearing hot clothes. When the daring Japanese take the monokini to the next level, you end up with the picture below.

japanese girls in swimsuits

In the above Japanese girl in swimsuit picture, the top and bottom part of her bathing suit is almost gone, leaving just the "connection" of the monokini. It resembles a slingshot hence the name slingshot bikini.

Bikini hair removal anyone?

You really need a complete Brazilian hair removal, or better still: go for permanent hair removal if you always feel like walk around like the girl in the above swimwear picture! You better wear it on adult beaches or in countries where people don't frown upon your dress code... and do use sun tan lotions with a very high protection factor (SPF).

Anyway, slingshot maillots are way too daring for me and it defies the whole purpose of a monokini as monokinis should accentuate your sides, not your private parts...