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Posted on Friday, March 30, 2007

I wish, but I am not a designer. Yet Ilker from the thinkingblog is, so I asked him.

I love his thinkingblog design: very functional and easy to the eye (which is a must when you are staring for hours to the same website!)

So we cross fingers and look forward for Ilker's reply!

Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2007
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Posted on Monday, March 26, 2007

The bandeau bikini is useful when you want to get a suntan on a not tropical beach.

Bandeau bikini for suntan

Why is a bandeau bikini useful? Because it is a strapless style bikini that ties or fastens at the back. Which means when you wear a bandeau bikini, you will have the least possible bikini-lines when you are sun tanning. And if you lie on your tummy, it's quite easy to open the bikini and have no bikini-lines at all.

Why getting a suntan on a not tropical beach? As I find that the sun on a tropical beach is way too hot and way too close to expose your body to the sunrays.

For those that are more lucky than me: some bandeau bikinis come with detachable straps to add extra support.

Takako Uehara

Nope, this is not Hawaii: as the flower is wrong :-) Takako Uehara is a famous Japanese Teen singer that went solo (before in the Japanese teen band: Speed).

takako uehara bikini

Takako Uehara Bandeau Bikini

Wearing such a thick necklace with a bandeau bikini... Takako Uehara is not taking a suntan it seems ...

Beach wear slippers

takako uehara

I just love these beach wear slippers Takako Uehara is wearing! Sorry for upsetting anybody with cutting of Takako Uehara's head :-)

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Posted on Friday, March 23, 2007

Sexy Japanese

If it comes to sexy, Japanese fashion really tops it off. And the hot Japanese girls do dare to wear all things sexy as we saw already in my earlier monokini post. I love one piece swimwear, therefore I love monokinis as a smart way of not wearing a bikini :-)

Aki Hoshino monokini

aki hoshino swimwear

Aki Hoshino is wearing a monokini : Japanese style. Normally a monokini resembles a bikini but connecting the top and bottom parts in the middle, so you can show off your sides. Here it looks like Aki Hoshino is wearing a bikini with a funny thing in the middle: typically Japanese idea of stripping a monokini to its basics :-)

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Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2007

For those not knowing Elsa Pataky, she is the Julia Roberts from Spain.

Now what is wrong with these celebrities these days? Elsa Pataky is doing a swimwear photo-shoot for Elle magazine, wearing hipster bottoms. A hipster bottom is a kind of bathing suit bottom that cuts straight on the hips in order to elongate the length between the bust and hips... Provided that you wear a top that is!

Elsa Pataky images

elsa pataky swimwear

What happened is that during the Elle swimwear photo-shoot, some paparazzi from the magazine Interviu took his own pictures: Elle shooting the Elsa Pataya's back, Interviu shooting Elsa pataya's front...

How not to draw attention to your breasts

What did I say in my previous post Antonella Barba Nude: to draw attention away from your breasts, draw attention to your bottom. Wear bikini bottoms with a belt or a drawstring.

Ok, Elsa Pataky seems to have got that message right, yet now she needs to be told that it only helps provided ... wearing a top!

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Posted on Monday, March 19, 2007

Antonella Barba topless: the next step in this American Idol will be "topless" when she accepts the offers of Playboy and/or Girls Gone Wild.

The latter a favorite in showing girls still in and out bathing suits. Yet in Playboy, chance is small Antonella Barba will be wearing any swimwear, therefore Girls Swimsuits makes up for that :-)

To be complete, we already added Antonella Barba Topless many moons ago...

Antonella Barba Pictures

Many of the Antonella Barba pictures these days must be fake, yet below an Antonella Barba picture : choosing her swimwear in order to show off extra her already humongous assets.

Antonella Barba chooses to wear a halter bikini: to offer full support for a full bust.

antonella barba bikini

Antonella Barba Nude
under her halter bikini bathing suit...

Big Breast Bikinis

For those of us being a bit less daring, a bit more discreet and not having any ambition to feature without bathing suits in Playboy nor Girls Gone Wild: 3 big breast bikini tips:

  1. to draw attention away from your breasts, draw attention to your bottom. As simple as that. Wear bikini bottoms with a belt or a drawstring. Or do like me (saving on bathing suits and loving accessories: wear a coloured band or belt at your waist when wearing a bikini. It feels as if you are more dressed yet still wearing just a bikini.

  2. to draw attention away from your breasts, wear a swimsuit with a high neck. The less cleavage you show, the more men will stare at your face when talking to you...

  3. wear a bikini top with a hidden bra to give you extra support

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Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What's hot in summer fashion 2007? Well, if you are this summer at the pool or at the beach: sexy one-piece swimwear is in! My favorite swimwear that is (see my 3 reasons why I love one piece swimwear at my Girls Swimsuits Bikini Dare)

hermes swimwear

Sexy, elegant one-piece bathing suit:
Herm├Ęs, Spring Summer 2007, Paris

Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2007

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