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Posted on Monday, March 19, 2007

Antonella Barba topless: the next step in this American Idol will be "topless" when she accepts the offers of Playboy and/or Girls Gone Wild.

The latter a favorite in showing girls still in and out bathing suits. Yet in Playboy, chance is small Antonella Barba will be wearing any swimwear, therefore Girls Swimsuits makes up for that :-)

To be complete, we already added Antonella Barba Topless many moons ago...

Antonella Barba Pictures

Many of the Antonella Barba pictures these days must be fake, yet below an Antonella Barba picture : choosing her swimwear in order to show off extra her already humongous assets.

Antonella Barba chooses to wear a halter bikini: to offer full support for a full bust.

antonella barba bikini

Antonella Barba Nude
under her halter bikini bathing suit...

Big Breast Bikinis

For those of us being a bit less daring, a bit more discreet and not having any ambition to feature without bathing suits in Playboy nor Girls Gone Wild: 3 big breast bikini tips:

  1. to draw attention away from your breasts, draw attention to your bottom. As simple as that. Wear bikini bottoms with a belt or a drawstring. Or do like me (saving on bathing suits and loving accessories: wear a coloured band or belt at your waist when wearing a bikini. It feels as if you are more dressed yet still wearing just a bikini.

  2. to draw attention away from your breasts, wear a swimsuit with a high neck. The less cleavage you show, the more men will stare at your face when talking to you...

  3. wear a bikini top with a hidden bra to give you extra support

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