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Posted on Monday, March 26, 2007

The bandeau bikini is useful when you want to get a suntan on a not tropical beach.

Bandeau bikini for suntan

Why is a bandeau bikini useful? Because it is a strapless style bikini that ties or fastens at the back. Which means when you wear a bandeau bikini, you will have the least possible bikini-lines when you are sun tanning. And if you lie on your tummy, it's quite easy to open the bikini and have no bikini-lines at all.

Why getting a suntan on a not tropical beach? As I find that the sun on a tropical beach is way too hot and way too close to expose your body to the sunrays.

For those that are more lucky than me: some bandeau bikinis come with detachable straps to add extra support.

Takako Uehara

Nope, this is not Hawaii: as the flower is wrong :-) Takako Uehara is a famous Japanese Teen singer that went solo (before in the Japanese teen band: Speed).

takako uehara bikini

Takako Uehara Bandeau Bikini

Wearing such a thick necklace with a bandeau bikini... Takako Uehara is not taking a suntan it seems ...

Beach wear slippers

takako uehara

I just love these beach wear slippers Takako Uehara is wearing! Sorry for upsetting anybody with cutting of Takako Uehara's head :-)

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