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Posted on Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do you dare to feature yourself in your bikini here and get more visitors to your website?

Then leave a comment with:

  1. a link to your web-site (so you get more visitors!)
  2. where to find your favorite swimwear picture and/or
  3. where to contact you
  4. explain why you chose to buy your swimwear

Womans Swimwear is looking for more tips on how you can choose your swimwear, and as the old saying goes: 2 know more than 1 (for sure if that 1 is me :-)

And my friends share my interests and my shopping habits (a bit), so explain who you are and if somebody likes you, they maybe also like your swimwear choices!

So join our Bikini Dare and feature yourself in your favorite swimwear + explain how you go shopping for bathing suits.

Bikini Dare : Aaste

bikini dare swimwear

Aaste Tiara Nies is the first in swimwear to share in our Bikini Dare!

Since I forgot to ask (I told you: 2 know more than 1) how Aaste shops in Tokyo, Japan; I will explain why I feature Aaste in a tank:

because I also love to wear a one-piece swimsuit.

Why? 3 reasons why I am a one-piece swimsuit girl (yes, I am in one piece as well...) :

  1. Malaysia is so hot that the more skin covered, the less sun-cream is needed
  2. since I have short legs its easy to chose one-piece bathing suits with higher leg openings to visually lengthen my body and still look modest
  3. you just can’t go wrong with a comfortable tank style... yes you got it :-)

Anyway's, Aaste is so kind to add a follow up 'Bikini Dare' each month, so by then I will have asked her to tell more about herself and her bathing suit shopping rules.

Don't forget to leave a comment and join our Bikini Dare yourself!