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Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2007

For those not knowing Elsa Pataky, she is the Julia Roberts from Spain.

Now what is wrong with these celebrities these days? Elsa Pataky is doing a swimwear photo-shoot for Elle magazine, wearing hipster bottoms. A hipster bottom is a kind of bathing suit bottom that cuts straight on the hips in order to elongate the length between the bust and hips... Provided that you wear a top that is!

Elsa Pataky images

elsa pataky swimwear

What happened is that during the Elle swimwear photo-shoot, some paparazzi from the magazine Interviu took his own pictures: Elle shooting the Elsa Pataya's back, Interviu shooting Elsa pataya's front...

How not to draw attention to your breasts

What did I say in my previous post Antonella Barba Nude: to draw attention away from your breasts, draw attention to your bottom. Wear bikini bottoms with a belt or a drawstring.

Ok, Elsa Pataky seems to have got that message right, yet now she needs to be told that it only helps provided ... wearing a top!

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