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Posted on Sunday, April 29, 2007

Phua Chu Kang

Yesterday I watched PCK or Phua Chu Kang, a weekly comedy from Singapore on TV. It used to be quite funny but these days the ratings are boobed oops boosted up with swimwear and other hot women stuff like the Crazy Horse in Singapore.

Miss Singapore

At the end of the PCK show, the camera started to zoom in on a hot babes legs like so: (start from the bottom of this bikini contest picture and go half way...)

miss singapore

Miss Singapore 2006

Nice shoes, nicely pained nails, hot legs, tall she is, sexy mini skirt to go all the way up and show something like this...

Carol Cheong

carol cheong

Carol Cheong

Is this a D-size bikini or just a push up?

phua chu kang

Carol Cheong in Phua Chu Kang PCK comedy

Above the real image from Carol Cheong in the PCK series. Now I would ask the same question. Even more push-up bra or what? Or is there these days a new PCK sponsor about plastic surgery or what?

They did show a beautiful one piece bathing suit with Singapore Athlete Jocelyn Yeo in it, so probably putting Carol Cheong in another bikini would be overdoing it. After all it is supposed a comedy show, not a swimwear fashion show...

Joanne Peh

joanne peh

Joanne Peh

If Miss Singapore is to represent the Asian beauties, then Joanne Peh is much more representative than Carol Cheong. Joanne Peh was both winner of Miss Elegant and Miss Personality in Miss Singapore Universe 2002. Quite different than the Miss Boobs Bikini title Carol Cheong gets from me :-)

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Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Miwa Oshiro Bikini

miwa oshiro bikini

I am very curious about this triangle bikini worn by Japanese girl Miwa Oshiro. Since there are 2 straps on top, the first strap clearly ties around Miwa Oshiro's neck, yet the second strap that goes over the shoulder: I am really curious how that one straps on the back?

Never saw this kind of bikini in Malaysia :-(

So anyone having a back picture of this kind of bikini, please leave a comment!

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Posted on Monday, April 09, 2007

Well, to stay in the Easter mood, Easter eggs, hatching eggs, hatcher... a post about my funniest desperate housewife: Teri Hatcher :-)

Teri Hatcher pic

teri hatcher pic

Teri Hatcher is most recently pictured wearing a fresh white Valentino dress. Compared to the Valentino dress on the catwalk, you can see that the models' legs are a bit longer than Teri Hatchers'.

Now it is hard to comment about Valentino, as he just knows how to dress women, yet it still shows that what is worn on a runway, can still come off a little different in "real life". I for one would make the skirt a little bit shorter (or is that just me being used to live in a way too hot country like Malaysia).

Teri Hatcher bikini

teri hatcher sexy bikini

How does she do it? This Teri Hatcher picture was taken during her vacation at the beach in sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Now look at her abdomen! Being over 40: how does she keep her sexy shape? No belt to cover things up. Just being stunning.

Teri Hatcher is wearing a halter bikini with a cute button on her top (for those not familiar with bikini's: halter bikinis have either tied straps or hooks behind the neck and have a back closure).

Now remember what I implemented in the first pic that Teri Hatcher's leg are a bit short (euhm, would trade them in with mine any time though...), well, the high cut bottom elongates her legs to the fullest.

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Posted on Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sexy chick swimwear

In the true spirit of Easter eggs, sexy chicks and swimwear bikinis:

egg bikini swimwear

Happy Easter!

Don't forget to put on sun cream, as it is above 30 degrees C (around 100 degrees F here in hot Malaysia!)

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Posted on Saturday, April 07, 2007
sun tan bikini

A new bleeping bikini which protects sun seekers : the Tan Time Bikini will bleep every 15 minutes to prevent sun worshippers from falling asleep in the sun and not risking over exposure to the sun.

Hash Ladha New Look's design Marketing Director said: "As well as the Health implication of over exposing your skin to the sun, burnt or peeling skin is not good for the image conscious."

Not to mention how bad it is and how much it hurts...
Posted on Friday, April 06, 2007

What's coming up?

You like to be flipping rich and you like wet T-shirts?

Then maybe I can give you both in a few days...!

All depends on the guys from flipping rich though...

Solar Bikini?

For those "googling" for a flipping rich bikini already, I already "googlinged" this solar bikini:

solar bikini swimwear

Should be good to keep your Ipod running and...

  1. since the placement of the power-outlet is placed on the bikini slip and

  2. these days there is a very cute Ipod self-service extension toy moving to the beat of your Ipod and

  3. the picture of this solar bikini is taken indoors...

Well, only the new flipping rich T-shirt will top off all the above :-)

Come back soon to find out more about the flipping rich T-shirts and how you can get one as well! Extremely useful to wear above your bathing suits :-)

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Posted on Thursday, April 05, 2007

Now how do you call girls clad in bikinis drinking beer? ... Really? Then why are all the beer posters in morally quite perfect Malaysia even more revealing than the Bollywood babes?

beer bikini

Yet again nothing beats Japanese girls it seems: wearing bikinis and drinking beer on the streets of Japan?

Happy Easter everybody!

(ok, I admit, I just didn't manage to find Easter eggs wearing bikinis...)

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Posted on Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tiny Bikini

tiny bikini

Tiny Bikini?

If you visit Malaysia, you can find 2 extreme different bathing suits on our beaches. 1 are tiny bikinis worn by western girls, that leave nothing to your imagination. And quite the opposite swimwear you will see by women more 'in sinc' with our muslim majority: in stead of bathing suits and bikinis, they wear more the "Steve Erwin" outfit... Meaning no special bathing suits, no speacial swimwear, just go in the water with the clothes you wear and have fun.

At the east coast of Malaysia: Sabah and Sarawak there is even the notion that bathing suits should be banned form the beach and that swimwear can only be the daily clothes you wear...

Haifa Wehbe Gallery

Now not all people and countries are the same when it comes to swimwear. And it is a big question if a country like Malaysia living on tourism should ban bathing suits at the beach? Take a different stand from Lebanese model and singer Haifa Wehbe. Still pictured in black swimwear, yet much more sexy than the black burka's we see commonly in the Middle East. Just to get rid of the stereotypes we see about the Middle East or war pictures about Lebanon:

haifa wehbe swimwear

Sexy Haifa Wehbe wearing a one piece bathing suit - beach dress

Not to mention sexy Haifa Wehbe pictures wearing a bikini and a thong:

haifa wehbe bikini thong

Haifa Wehbe pic wearing bikini and thong

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