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Posted on Friday, April 06, 2007

What's coming up?

You like to be flipping rich and you like wet T-shirts?

Then maybe I can give you both in a few days...!

All depends on the guys from flipping rich though...

Solar Bikini?

For those "googling" for a flipping rich bikini already, I already "googlinged" this solar bikini:

solar bikini swimwear

Should be good to keep your Ipod running and...

  1. since the placement of the power-outlet is placed on the bikini slip and

  2. these days there is a very cute Ipod self-service extension toy moving to the beat of your Ipod and

  3. the picture of this solar bikini is taken indoors...

Well, only the new flipping rich T-shirt will top off all the above :-)

Come back soon to find out more about the flipping rich T-shirts and how you can get one as well! Extremely useful to wear above your bathing suits :-)

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