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Posted on Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tiny Bikini

tiny bikini

Tiny Bikini?

If you visit Malaysia, you can find 2 extreme different bathing suits on our beaches. 1 are tiny bikinis worn by western girls, that leave nothing to your imagination. And quite the opposite swimwear you will see by women more 'in sinc' with our muslim majority: in stead of bathing suits and bikinis, they wear more the "Steve Erwin" outfit... Meaning no special bathing suits, no speacial swimwear, just go in the water with the clothes you wear and have fun.

At the east coast of Malaysia: Sabah and Sarawak there is even the notion that bathing suits should be banned form the beach and that swimwear can only be the daily clothes you wear...

Haifa Wehbe Gallery

Now not all people and countries are the same when it comes to swimwear. And it is a big question if a country like Malaysia living on tourism should ban bathing suits at the beach? Take a different stand from Lebanese model and singer Haifa Wehbe. Still pictured in black swimwear, yet much more sexy than the black burka's we see commonly in the Middle East. Just to get rid of the stereotypes we see about the Middle East or war pictures about Lebanon:

haifa wehbe swimwear

Sexy Haifa Wehbe wearing a one piece bathing suit - beach dress

Not to mention sexy Haifa Wehbe pictures wearing a bikini and a thong:

haifa wehbe bikini thong

Haifa Wehbe pic wearing bikini and thong

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