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Posted on Sunday, April 29, 2007

Phua Chu Kang

Yesterday I watched PCK or Phua Chu Kang, a weekly comedy from Singapore on TV. It used to be quite funny but these days the ratings are boobed oops boosted up with swimwear and other hot women stuff like the Crazy Horse in Singapore.

Miss Singapore

At the end of the PCK show, the camera started to zoom in on a hot babes legs like so: (start from the bottom of this bikini contest picture and go half way...)

miss singapore

Miss Singapore 2006

Nice shoes, nicely pained nails, hot legs, tall she is, sexy mini skirt to go all the way up and show something like this...

Carol Cheong

carol cheong

Carol Cheong

Is this a D-size bikini or just a push up?

phua chu kang

Carol Cheong in Phua Chu Kang PCK comedy

Above the real image from Carol Cheong in the PCK series. Now I would ask the same question. Even more push-up bra or what? Or is there these days a new PCK sponsor about plastic surgery or what?

They did show a beautiful one piece bathing suit with Singapore Athlete Jocelyn Yeo in it, so probably putting Carol Cheong in another bikini would be overdoing it. After all it is supposed a comedy show, not a swimwear fashion show...

Joanne Peh

joanne peh

Joanne Peh

If Miss Singapore is to represent the Asian beauties, then Joanne Peh is much more representative than Carol Cheong. Joanne Peh was both winner of Miss Elegant and Miss Personality in Miss Singapore Universe 2002. Quite different than the Miss Boobs Bikini title Carol Cheong gets from me :-)

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