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Posted on Monday, April 09, 2007

Well, to stay in the Easter mood, Easter eggs, hatching eggs, hatcher... a post about my funniest desperate housewife: Teri Hatcher :-)

Teri Hatcher pic

teri hatcher pic

Teri Hatcher is most recently pictured wearing a fresh white Valentino dress. Compared to the Valentino dress on the catwalk, you can see that the models' legs are a bit longer than Teri Hatchers'.

Now it is hard to comment about Valentino, as he just knows how to dress women, yet it still shows that what is worn on a runway, can still come off a little different in "real life". I for one would make the skirt a little bit shorter (or is that just me being used to live in a way too hot country like Malaysia).

Teri Hatcher bikini

teri hatcher sexy bikini

How does she do it? This Teri Hatcher picture was taken during her vacation at the beach in sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Now look at her abdomen! Being over 40: how does she keep her sexy shape? No belt to cover things up. Just being stunning.

Teri Hatcher is wearing a halter bikini with a cute button on her top (for those not familiar with bikini's: halter bikinis have either tied straps or hooks behind the neck and have a back closure).

Now remember what I implemented in the first pic that Teri Hatcher's leg are a bit short (euhm, would trade them in with mine any time though...), well, the high cut bottom elongates her legs to the fullest.

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