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Posted on Monday, May 28, 2007

Whatever I buy, I want a discount! Now in Malaysia I can bargain in the shops, but online I use discount Coupons from Coupon Chief. It is your 1 stop page to find new discounted products on other websites.

gap swimwear couponLike the 25% off coupons on swimwear from my favorite online store GAP. I love GAP because they not only have swimwear but a complete range of men and women men, including kids and baby wear. Yes, My cousins are all extending their family so "auntie me" without kids just found the ideal online shop at GAP.

If you want to know more about how to shop at a discount online with coupon codes at GAP, then look at the GAP video. Be aware that this 25% off swimwear coupon only lasts until June 30th.

Posted on Monday, May 28, 2007

So your name is Cecilia Bolocco... Cecilia who?

Well, if you have been watching Miss Universe 1987, then you would know she was the first girl from Chile to win the Miss Universe Contest. Meanwhile she marries a guy that turns out to be a president, so she has been doing some things in life her mother can be proud of :-)

Cecilia Bolocco fotos

Picture has been removed due to adult content... but you can see the complete video following the link below...

Cecilia Bolocco fotos...

"Fotos" ya que se trata de una hispanohablante...

Then one day in May you are nicely sunbathing topless and want to change your red bottom for a white tanga slip. Not that all that can be good for celebrity skin exposure to the sun: suddenly a paparazzi has made an NSFW video about all this (as if you are watching a movie without your glasses on, so blur...) and 20 years after you were crowned miss Universe, you become 20 times more famous on You Tube for the wrong reasons...

Did I mention the Internet is only 20 years old? Now talking about a coincidence...

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Posted on Thursday, May 24, 2007

We are talking about the new PayPerPost: PPP Direct:

almost cutting out the middleman between advertiser and bloggers,
another great blog marketing idea coming to live!

By now you know that I am earning some money with this blog thanks to your visiting me and thanks to PayPerPost letting me write posts for money.

If you never succeeded to enter PayPerPost (PPP) because your blog doesn't have a PR4, you now can join PPP through their backdoor: PPP direct. Well, it's actually a front gate for us regular PPP bloggers as well :-)

The idea is that you put a button on your blog that looks like the one on the top right of my blog that says to any advertiser: hire me to write about you on my blog.

I can hear you say: copy cat of Review Me... Well, as you can see I have no "Review Me" button on this site because Review Me typically charges the advertiser between 50 and 100% markup on your price. In other words: I blog and Review Me gets the money. PayPerPost only charges a service fee of 10%. That's in my opinion a fair price, and I love all things fair.

On top of that, PayPerPost also considers accepting your blogs that don't fit their normal PPP rules. Quite obvious it is a win-win for everybody: PayPerPost can earn service charges on the blogs they normally wont accept and you can earn money thanks to being accepted for PPP direct.

PPP Direct is part of the PPP birdo release. To have a better idea how it all works and how you can get this PPP Direct button on your blog, have a look at the PPP direct video.

Posted on Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The swimwear attire from some Middle East visitors to Malaysia looks very similar to the fashion they wear inside out shopping malls: completely covered in black.

muslim swimsuit

Muslim Swimsuit

This Muslim swimsuit was designed by Turkish Mehmet Sahin: designing the world's first Islam-inspired swimsuit!

This means a head-to-ankle bathing suit to devout well-heeled Muslims. I personally do like the colours and this type of bathing suit protects very well against harmful UV sunrays, so: a plus if healthy skin is important to you!

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Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2007

Paris Hilton Scandal

We all know the Paris Hilton naked truth: she is supposed to go to jail. But knowing sexy Paris Hilton, I was wondering how long it will take until the jail dress code gets the following Paris Hilton touch?

paris hilton t shirt

Paris Hilton T-Shirt Jail Edition

Free Paris Hilton Movie

Always having her camera hand-phone ready and business minded, we heard the following Paris Hilton Quote :

" a trilogy: during the second week of my reality show in jail, I am planning to make a sequel on the Free Paris Hilton video. This time it will be the Free Paris Hilton Movie and the Free Paris Hilton song, all inspired by the Free Nelson Mandela song..."

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Posted on Monday, May 14, 2007

Wet T-Shirt Contest

I wanted to organize a wet T-Shirt contest but all I had so far was water... So I saw these cute free Flipping Rich T-Shirts and ordered 50. I only received 1 T-Shirt which basically means that my wet T-Shirt contest like fell in the water...

Flipping Rich T-Shirt

wet t-shirt

Cute flower at the back:
Flipping Rich T-Shirt!

This 100% cotton high quality sexy T-Shirt can be yours, all you have to do is ask Derrik very nicely at Flipping Rich. It seems he even wants to use other websites to give away Free T-Shirts, so let me ask again very nicely at Derrik from Flipping Rich.

Who is Flipping Rich?

Derrik and Sunny are! And you and me can be too!

The Flipping Rich blog is an almost daily dialogue about investing in the twin cities. Yes: they are talking real estate, and since we all need a roof above or head, better read some good real estate information on Flipping Rich first. But that's Derrik, there is also Sunny...

Sunny works in the investment industry and looks for interesting investing ideas for himself and everybody else who wants to read his Flipping Rich blog.

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Posted on Friday, May 11, 2007

Why we love PPP?

Why we love PPP or PayPerPost? Let me do some word of mouth marketing with this post.

We love PPP because:
  1. we love to blog and
  2. thanks to PPP we get paid to blog!
  3. Yes, we PPP we can now make a profession out of our hobby.

PPP is especially suited for stay at home earners. We are now 5 months at PPP and we will be paid out about $500, that's $100 a month.

What I love the most is the PPP forum. You can meet all the fellow PPP bloggers and they all answer any question you ask. Thanks to their help I learned how to become a PageRank 5 blog! Even the Top Earner Colleen (a whopping $11.000 and still going strong!) will answer you when you ask her something.

What am I going to do with all the money? I am going to make sure I earn some more and quit my day job!

PPP is just a great place to hang out and a great way of making money for doing what we love: blog. Are you a blogger to? Then why don't you sign up get paid to blog and when you like it, do some word of mouth marketing as well!

Posted on Friday, May 11, 2007

For those who missed my previous post How to attract women? Tsssk, Tssssk, Tssssk!

Tssssk because how can you miss a post. I wanted to add another tssssk, but then not all of my readers are interested in how to attract a women, include me there! Well, I do want women to read this blog and to comment though, don't get me wrong :-)

Forever Smile!

girls swimsuits blogrock

Buy this funny BlogRock

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Posted on Friday, May 11, 2007

Sexy Ashley Judd

Sexy Ashley Judd is starring in the BUG movie that will be released the 25th. Meanwhile I love to show one of my favorite Ashley Judd Pictures:

Ashley Judd Picture

Sexy Ashley Judd Picture

3 reasons why I love Ashley Judd:

  • she is rich :-)

  • she has a husband that's about 5 years younger than here! Just imagine being 40 and your husband only 35... Euhm, ok, back to reality.

  • she get to wear a stunning Missoni zigzag-knit dress and a Calvin Klein black bikini. Especially the strap above the black bottom I love. Anyway, I just love all things strapped: it has both more cloth and reveals some skin at the same time. Kind of being sexy but not too sexy, exactly me!

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Posted on Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bug movie will be released May 25th, but we already did a sneak preview for you, and we will tell you why we cannot wait to see this new movie. Look at the Posters:

What is the first thing that attracts me seeing this poster? Yes: Ashley Judd. Last time I saw her she posed topless on the cover of Marie Claire. Now Marie Claire is kind of censored, so maybe Bug will reveal more?

Wow, a dark bug embracing a blond, drones and queens, that's a very scary way to talk about the birds and the bees. Looking at the Trailer below there is Ashley Judd and the blond from the poster above...

The bug movie is from the same director as the exorcist. Now that was a movie that kept me awake. And according to the poster: BUG promises to be one of the most disturbing horror movies imaginable.

If it is really not the "blond girl" meets "Ashley Judd" bee bug 'thingy' I imagined, then for sure I need to go and watch the bug movie first thing 25th of May!

Posted on Wednesday, May 09, 2007


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Posted on Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How to attract love?

Well, that's always the easiest on the beach, but why not try it out in the office and leave us a comment :-)

You wear your best swim-trousers but before you do that,

you add 2 rocks in your trousers like these:

Success guaranteed! Attract good luck now :-)

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Posted on Monday, May 07, 2007

For those who don't believe that Japanese girls are the most daring when it comes to fashion, leave me a comment or have a look at this:

Posted on Thursday, May 03, 2007

Phua Chu Kang

singapore swimwear

This is anther screenshot from the Phua Chu Kang "swimwear edition".

PCK wearing his typical foot swimwear (his yellow boots) and Jocelyn Yeo in a very colourfull 1 piece bathing suit (my kind of swimwear :-) , I love flowers )

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Posted on Thursday, May 03, 2007

How to make money with swimwear?

I could go modeling myself... but having seen America's next top model, euhm, I don't have the brains for it :-)

I wanted to review bikini sites for money, yet seems that when you have a blogspot site, no matter how many visitors you have or how hot the swimsuits are, you don't get paid.

Well, then I don't post your URL either :-)

bikini set

This very sexy black bikini set has a neat cut out detail we just love.
The bottom is a thong.
This is one of the best show off bikinis we have seen lately!!

Now the only problem is that I am not going to tell you were you can buy it :-)

Would I wear the above swimwear outfit myself? Nope, try high heels on a beach... And it seems the above bikini set caters for a certain kind of boobs only, unless you want to feel a breeze :-)

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