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Posted on Friday, May 11, 2007

Sexy Ashley Judd

Sexy Ashley Judd is starring in the BUG movie that will be released the 25th. Meanwhile I love to show one of my favorite Ashley Judd Pictures:

Ashley Judd Picture

Sexy Ashley Judd Picture

3 reasons why I love Ashley Judd:

  • she is rich :-)

  • she has a husband that's about 5 years younger than here! Just imagine being 40 and your husband only 35... Euhm, ok, back to reality.

  • she get to wear a stunning Missoni zigzag-knit dress and a Calvin Klein black bikini. Especially the strap above the black bottom I love. Anyway, I just love all things strapped: it has both more cloth and reveals some skin at the same time. Kind of being sexy but not too sexy, exactly me!

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