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Posted on Thursday, May 03, 2007

How to make money with swimwear?

I could go modeling myself... but having seen America's next top model, euhm, I don't have the brains for it :-)

I wanted to review bikini sites for money, yet seems that when you have a blogspot site, no matter how many visitors you have or how hot the swimsuits are, you don't get paid.

Well, then I don't post your URL either :-)

bikini set

This very sexy black bikini set has a neat cut out detail we just love.
The bottom is a thong.
This is one of the best show off bikinis we have seen lately!!

Now the only problem is that I am not going to tell you were you can buy it :-)

Would I wear the above swimwear outfit myself? Nope, try high heels on a beach... And it seems the above bikini set caters for a certain kind of boobs only, unless you want to feel a breeze :-)

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