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Posted on Monday, May 14, 2007

Wet T-Shirt Contest

I wanted to organize a wet T-Shirt contest but all I had so far was water... So I saw these cute free Flipping Rich T-Shirts and ordered 50. I only received 1 T-Shirt which basically means that my wet T-Shirt contest like fell in the water...

Flipping Rich T-Shirt

wet t-shirt

Cute flower at the back:
Flipping Rich T-Shirt!

This 100% cotton high quality sexy T-Shirt can be yours, all you have to do is ask Derrik very nicely at Flipping Rich. It seems he even wants to use other websites to give away Free T-Shirts, so let me ask again very nicely at Derrik from Flipping Rich.

Who is Flipping Rich?

Derrik and Sunny are! And you and me can be too!

The Flipping Rich blog is an almost daily dialogue about investing in the twin cities. Yes: they are talking real estate, and since we all need a roof above or head, better read some good real estate information on Flipping Rich first. But that's Derrik, there is also Sunny...

Sunny works in the investment industry and looks for interesting investing ideas for himself and everybody else who wants to read his Flipping Rich blog.

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