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Posted on Thursday, May 24, 2007

We are talking about the new PayPerPost: PPP Direct:

almost cutting out the middleman between advertiser and bloggers,
another great blog marketing idea coming to live!

By now you know that I am earning some money with this blog thanks to your visiting me and thanks to PayPerPost letting me write posts for money.

If you never succeeded to enter PayPerPost (PPP) because your blog doesn't have a PR4, you now can join PPP through their backdoor: PPP direct. Well, it's actually a front gate for us regular PPP bloggers as well :-)

The idea is that you put a button on your blog that looks like the one on the top right of my blog that says to any advertiser: hire me to write about you on my blog.

I can hear you say: copy cat of Review Me... Well, as you can see I have no "Review Me" button on this site because Review Me typically charges the advertiser between 50 and 100% markup on your price. In other words: I blog and Review Me gets the money. PayPerPost only charges a service fee of 10%. That's in my opinion a fair price, and I love all things fair.

On top of that, PayPerPost also considers accepting your blogs that don't fit their normal PPP rules. Quite obvious it is a win-win for everybody: PayPerPost can earn service charges on the blogs they normally wont accept and you can earn money thanks to being accepted for PPP direct.

PPP Direct is part of the PPP birdo release. To have a better idea how it all works and how you can get this PPP Direct button on your blog, have a look at the PPP direct video.