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Posted on Friday, May 11, 2007

Why we love PPP?

Why we love PPP or PayPerPost? Let me do some word of mouth marketing with this post.

We love PPP because:
  1. we love to blog and
  2. thanks to PPP we get paid to blog!
  3. Yes, we PPP we can now make a profession out of our hobby.

PPP is especially suited for stay at home earners. We are now 5 months at PPP and we will be paid out about $500, that's $100 a month.

What I love the most is the PPP forum. You can meet all the fellow PPP bloggers and they all answer any question you ask. Thanks to their help I learned how to become a PageRank 5 blog! Even the Top Earner Colleen (a whopping $11.000 and still going strong!) will answer you when you ask her something.

What am I going to do with all the money? I am going to make sure I earn some more and quit my day job!

PPP is just a great place to hang out and a great way of making money for doing what we love: blog. Are you a blogger to? Then why don't you sign up get paid to blog and when you like it, do some word of mouth marketing as well!