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Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well, I guess this bikini bride is only to be found when Luly Yang is doing her fashion shows. Or would you really wear this bikini bride outfit?

bikini bride

Bikini bride by Luly Yang

The triangle bikini looks quite fluffy and really unflattering in my opinion. The bottom probably is not really the models' size, otherwise , well, make your own judgment...

Bikini brides

Have also a look at the “soon to be brides” in the audience. Which one of them would really like to become a bikini bride on their wedding day you think?

Bride in bikini

bride in bikini

Bride in bikini by Luly Yang

Now the back look of this Luly Yang bikini bride is much more appealing, not to say wonderful!

This bikini bride outfit could even be used in a wedding on a nude beach (saves on the not too flattering bikini).

Your visitors would be fully able to concentrate on the wedding ceremony without getting distracted by the absence of your swimsuit. It's not because you like this kind of beach, that your friends and family will :-)

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