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Posted on Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Seems this summer beach party will have to do for 23 days without Paris Hilton. Having said that: how sad do you have to look to get a sentence from 45 days reduced to zero? Try to bargain with the law yourself one day...

First Summer Beach Party

The first official summer beach party started last week Thursday 31 May 2007 at Nikki Beach Marbella with its legendary Grand Opening White Party. We are talking Costa del Sol here.

summer beach party

Summer beach party as Nikki's Beach

As you can see, this is far less exciting than strolling around a Brazilian Beach. Brazil, didn't she win Miss Universe? Oh, let me tell you why it takes 2 times to make Japan Miss Universe in my next post.

What to wear this summer?

Just look at the video and follow the advice from Stephanie Solomon, fashion director at Bloomingdales in New York: at least she can give you a few rules, but she for
sure is no swimwear model :-)

Dressing up for summer parties

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