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Posted on Sunday, August 26, 2007

nick lachey and vanessa minnilloWhy is Vanessa Minnillo lately so important in the blogosphere Universe? You guessed it right: she has her own Vanessa Minnillo sex tape. In my humble opinion there is more sex in the words than you can see in the so called sex tape... Just some paparazzi pictures from Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo in a Jacuzzi, published by Life & Style magazine. I mean: as long as people are wearing swimwear, don't call it a sex tape please!

What can Vanessa Minnillo teach us in wearing swimwear?


Vanessa Minello and Nick Lachey walking side by side on the beach. What do you notice? The bandeau bikini has horizontal stripes on it. This shortens the long torso of Vanessa Minello as where did your eyes go when looking at Vanessa Minello? Yes, top and bottom but not her middle. If it wasn't that she was walking next to Nick Lachey, you wouldn't have noticed that Vanessa Minello is quite tall. Very good choice of swimwear Vanessa!

Vanessa Minnillo bio

Vanessa Minnillo was born November 9, 1980 in the Clark Air Base, Philippines, where her USAF aircrew member father, Vince Minnillo was stationed. Her mother Helen Berecero is a Filipina, whom Vanessa’s father met in Philippines and married.

Vanessa Minnillo is now a popular American Model & TV Host. She was Miss Teen South Carolina in 1997 and became Miss Teen USA next year.

In 2003 Vanessa Minnillo started hosting TRL on MTV.

She became a reporter for the entertainment news show, Entertainment Tonight, in 2005.

Vanessa Minnillo was selected by Maxim issue to list at #15 in their Hot 100 issue, in May 2006 and on Maxim cover in October 2005.

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