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Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007

johanna-cardonaHave you seen the Johana Cardona hot video already? Maybe not as being a hot girl men tend to focus on 1 thing only which even leads to misspelling her name, is it Johana Cardona, Johanna Cardona or Joana Cardona? Who cares, as long as boobs are involved, isn't it beach guys?

Yolanda Cardona

All these instant famous South American hot babes have 1 thing in common: the hot hand-phone video sex scandals and you all know, hand-phone videos are all but interesting qua light, posing and quite impossible to enlarge.

Yolanda Cardona

Yolanda Cardona in a triangle bikini and a men-wear instead of swim-wear pose...

Therefore I prefer real swim suit models like Yolanda Cardona: at least you can admire here as one of your most beautiful celebrity desktop wallpapers :-)

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