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Posted on Monday, November 26, 2007

A way of getting people to come to your site is posting videos and then pretending it's a video from this or that celebrity.

Quite difficult to say sometimes when these videos are not shot on a bright sunny day at the beach, but rather on a dark night in the apartment most likely opposite the beach...

noelia monge

Noelia Monge's swimwear secret...

Noelia's bikini reveals a beautiful tattoo which can only be seen if Noelia pushes down her bottom. So if you ever thing you have seen a Noelia sex video, think back if you can see the tattoo you see in the bikini picture above.

On the other hand, I don't think men are that detective minded when looking at videos without swimwear :-)

I do love the bikini bottom part though: kind of being clothed but you can jump in the see without a change. Anyway, nothing beats a simple sarong tied around the waste to feel even more dressed up!

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Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Palmolive Palma sex scandal video

Most likely today is the first time you hear about Palmolive Palma, because here not too bright but most beautiful hunk of a boyfriend taped a Palmolive Palma sex video...

palmolive palma sex scandal video

Palmolive Palma and Will Devaughn

palmolive palma bikiniWho is Palmolive Palma?

We are talking about the Philippines now, but also about the US...

Palmolive Palma is one of the stars of the Baywalk Bodies. And it seems she has been going topless in a Shampoo commercial.

Will Devaughn on the other hand is starring in the Pinoy Big Brother series.

Will Devaughn is quite a Pinoy hunk if you ask me :-)

What is the real scandal about Palmolive Palma?

palmolive palma

Palmolive Palma second from left

The above picture was released when Baywalk Bodies members Janeth Joaquin, Palmolive Palma, Claris Mercado, and Lux Laurel arrived in Manila from Guam after being detained in the US territory for 19 days for illegally working as entertainers in a karaoke lounge.

palmolive palma sex videoThe real scandal here is the US territory.

Why is US still occupying the Philippines????

And why do they need "entertainers" in a karaoke lounge (we can guess why if we see the Palmolive Palma sex video) and why are they detained for 19 days???

And why is nobody punishing the US in this entire sex story but we only focus on the Palmolive Palma sex video with another Pinoy only?

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Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007

Halle Berry Topless

halle berryhalle berry exposedWe all remember the famous Halle Berry bikini shots from her James Bond movie...

Well, seems that Halle Berry's new baby will be the first to admire his mom completely topless... Did I mention "HIS" mother?

Yes, it is officially confirmed: Halle Berry is pregnant with a boy :-)

Halle Berry Monsters Ball

halle berry monster ballsYou can imagine the jokes that are going around these days about Halle berry showing of her monster balls working her cleavage.

I quite wonder is this just a paparazzi picture or is the latest Halle Berry sex scene?

Well, this is nature and nature make boobs mature during pregnancies... Just the way Halle Berry sometimes is showing off her cleavage... well, she is one hot mommy!

Halle Berry Pregnant

halle berry pregnant

Halle Berry pregnant wearing Roberto Cavalli

Black is beautiful if you want to hide your voluptuous curves!

Mom-to-be Halle Berry really looks stunning in this draped black Roberto Cavalli gown at a very recent party in Rome for the Roberto Cavalli's new collaboration with H&M.

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