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Posted on Monday, December 10, 2007

There is a strange corrolation between Malaysia and Indonesia: both countries have a majority of Muslim inhabitants where Indonesia has a majority of Muslims all together.

So which of the 2 countries would offer you the hottest beaches? For some un-clarified reason Malaysia wants their beaches to have a dress-code way beyond what you would expect in an office, where in Indonesia: people seem to be more open about bikinis on the beach.

But it could also be that because Indonesia has 10 times more inhabitants, that of course your chance of seeing Indonesian girls in bikini on the beach becomes bigger.

What you have to know though is that people in the east try to hide as much skin from the sun as possible, not because they are shy, but mainly because being in the tropics: you could end up looking like a lobster when you are only 10 minutes exposed on a sunny beach. Not to mention the risk of getting skin cancer when you expose your body in skimpy swimwear in the tropics with the sun standing almost right above you.

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