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Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Although Megan Fox is now hot in the news because of a so called nipple slip,
I prefer these 3 Megan Fox sexy bikini and beach swimwear pictures.

megan denise fox

Megan Denise Fox wearing skin cancer friendly beach swimwear

megan fox naked

Megan Fox naked?
Of course not, this is Megan Fox in "Two and a Half Men" in Bikini,
surely to attract more viewers as there is nothing funny about the show.
Unless you think that Megan Fox playing a 16 year old in swimwear is funny...

megan fox sexy

Megan Fox sexy white Bikini from her beach photo shoot in Arena
(and arena + playa is Spanish for sand + beach)

megan fox gallery

Megan Fox Gallery last picture:
botom part of white bikini

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