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Posted on Wednesday, December 10, 2008


One of the hottest Thai singles of today is undoubtedly Janesuda Parnto or Jane as she is currently known on Thailand's MTV.

janesuda parnto

Janesuda Parnto: My favorite VJ on Thailand's MTV

Janesuda Parnto is no plain Jane :-)

She is a Thai actress born September 14, 1982 and got more fame when she appeared modeling bikinis and swimsuits in Thai magazines:

janesuda bikini

Janesuda is single and now with Thailand all but tourist friendly, it's good to know Janesuda's travels abroad a lot to foreign modeling agencies, so maybe you could meet her one day... dream on!

janesuda sexy

But if you can't travel to Thailand or you don't feel about further Thailand holidays as long as the political problems are solved, you can still visit Thai dating sites. I for one will keep on working in Bali at least until February 2009 before they will consider sending me back to Phi Phi Don Thailand.

How to find Thai dating sites

To find Thai dating sites, just Google for dating websites with Thai or Asian women and you should be able to make friends in no time.

Just remember that Thai single girls could look like Asian babes but babes like Janesuda come with brains and strong personalities.

janesuda in bikini

Dream on if you're still looking for obedient Asian brides... well, me for one is very obedient, but not to everybody :-)

Do you agree that Janesuda Parnto is the hottest of all Thai singles? If not, please leave a comment who your favorite single Thai is.

P.s.: I am as single as Janesuda but I am not Thai :-)

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Posted on Wednesday, December 03, 2008

panward hemmanee

Panward Hemmanee in bikini is starring in Bangkok Dangerous next to Nicolas cage.

For those wanting to travel to Thailand, maybe there is a light in the tunnel as Thai law has pronounced the Thai government as illegal.

How that exactly works, you should ask the Thai...

All I know is that my work in Phuket and Phi Phi Island has been interrupted big time due to this new Thai government that's so not at all liked by the Thai people. Thai protesters have been occupying Thailand Bangkok airport for days in a row now.

All in all, this means Thai tourism industry has been enduring losses for months already. Due to the recent occupation of the Thai airport the loss in revenue of the Thai tourism industry is only going from bad to worse.

So for some good news about Thailand; it's still as beautiful a country as ever with peaceful people (as you can see: no too much violence during all the protests and demonstrations in Thailand) and Thai girls are as pretty as ever.

Your best chance to visit Thailand these days is taking an airplane to Kuala Lumpur and then drive all the way up to Thailand.

If you don't feel for such a long journey, then visit Thailand to our Panward Hemmanee pictures :-)

Panward Hemmanee Bio

panward hemmanee sex

  • Panward Hemmanee sex : female

  • Panward Hemmanee age : 24 (born 1983-11-11)

  • Panward Hemmanee nationality : Thai

Panward Hemmanee is a Thai model and actress, nicknamed "Poei" or "Pei" in Thailand.

Thanks to her sexy appearances in magazines like Maxim, FHM, and Mars, Panward's popularity is on the rise.

So much that this year she was given a role in the movie, Bangkok Dangerous, where she played alongside Nicholas Cage. The movie is about a cold-blooded hit man heading to Bangkok to pull off four jobs. Meanwhile he falls in love with a local girl and bonds with his errand boy.

Some very stereotypical portraying of Thailand and even assuming anybody can go there to kill 4 people. As if the Thai tourist industry isn't damaged enough already, do we really need this Nicolas cage and Panward Hemmanee crap?

How dangerous Bangkok is these days due to the political instability we don't know.

panward hemmanee night club videos

Most likely the movie 'Dangerous Bangkok' comes closest to Panward's recent Bangkok bar appearances: she can be seen in some Panward Hemmanee nightclub videos like above and below where the paparazzi couldn't resist to take...

panward hemmanee tits

... a close up of Panward Hemmanee tits all strapped tightly together.

According to the gossip magazine TV Inside, Pei was doing some wild dancing at a Bangkok night club showing too much cheek driving all the "old goats" in the club crazy.

Anyway, we all know that some old goats and other farangs love to come to Thailand, so why not Thailand, visit the decent Bangkok nightclubs and try to enjoy Panward Hemmanee's free night club performances.

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Posted on Monday, November 24, 2008

debra messing

I always loved Debra Messing for her leather outfits :-) Now Debra Messing features in bikini on the cover of the Slim Down Special edition of the magazine Shape.

Shape is part of The American Media Inc Fitness & Health Network and therefore has lots of tips and insights in keeping healthy, keeping in shape and keeping slim.

But... who is Debra Messing you will ask?

Debra Messing in leathers

Leather lovers will remember Debra Messing in leathers in various episodes of Will & Grace: the show that made her famous to the great TV audience.

Debra Messing Nipple

The 1998 show Will and Grace is one of the most watched shows on television. Maybe because like Friends, Will and Grace also is a show about friendship be it that the latter depicts gay male friends where Friends is quite straight.

Debra Messing Bio

Debra Messing in leathersDebra Messing was born Debra Moessing in Brooklyn, New York, USA at August 15, 1968.

She is now 5' 8'' and in shape as you can see on her bikini picture in the Shape magazine on top of this post.

She married actor Daniel Zelman on September 3, 2000. On April 7, 2004 their son Roman Walker Zelman is born.

Short outstanding Debra Messing facts

  • Debra Messing is severely allergic to flowers and perfumes.

  • She was one of the 50 Most Beautiful People named by People Magazine in 2002.

  • TV Guide's "best dressed woman" in 2003.

  • Known on TV from Ned & Stacey, NYPD Blue, Seinfeld, Prey, Jesus and stars currently in The Starters Wife.

  • Debra Messing is overly active in charities like:

    • AmFAR, an organization that combats AIDS

    • the Gay Men’s Health Crisis

    • Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary

    • the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

    • Project Angel Food and

    • various breast cancer charities.

In the Slim Down Special edition of the magazine Shape, Debra Messing explains how she lost 42 pounds...

My main question is: when did Debra messing have these extra 42 pounds in the first place?

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Posted on Friday, November 21, 2008
Serena Williams in thong

Not sure that this really is Serena Williams in thong, but we are sure these 4 pictures are really her sister Venus Williams in thong.

If you want more than just looking at thongs, why don't you try to date the 2 bikini girls below?

Meet these 2 gorgeous Asian dating personals Lalaine and Katie in bikinis:

philipina female penfriend filipino dating

Find these 2 latest Filipino female penfriends: gorgeouslalaine and katie87

at Asian Dating

And if you love dreaming, maybe one day you will see Serena Williams in thong on Asian Dating... Always dream big!
Posted on Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to Date

Do you want to know how to date any of the girls above by just clicking on them?

How to find that special someone that you can bring home to your parents. Or better... not bring home at once …

Join free and after confirmation immediately chat, email, wink and send instant messages to al members!

Refine your search and look only for a date who lives in your neighbourhood! Their free postcode based online dating search lets you find other people for dating within a few miles of you.

Look for fun, romance, dream date, chat… you name it, just get it!

Best of all: they explain you how to date successfully using their 5 easy Online Dating Tips.

totally free personals

All you need to know about how to date is : start now!

Join Asian Dating Online for love, relationships or marriage with totally free personals worldwide.

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Posted on Thursday, November 06, 2008

how to drape a saree

Nothing more easy than putting a T-shirt over your bikini. Nothing more sexy and fashionable than wearing a saree over your swimwear.

Much more sexy indeed compared to the western beach girls I see here in Bali wearing a towel around their body as if they just came out of a shower...

Let's explain how to drape a saree with the above T-shirt, how convenient :-)

More in detail you can see how to drape a saree below:

how to drape a saree

As you can see in design 11, you can cover your complete top, or you can show of your low cut blouse or bikini as in the picture below.

saree low cut blouse

Notice how her saree is nicely tucked into her bikini bottom in the middle yet stylishly covered with the saree.

Tips on how to drape a saree

  • Always start wearing your saree by tucking its plain/upper end into your bikini bottom, at a position which is a little bit to the right of the navel.

  • Make sure the lower end of the saree touches the floor and that the whole length of the saree comes on the left-hand side. Then wrap the saree around yourself once so it comes back in the front on your right side.

  • Choose the colour of your blouse complementing your saree.

    • Fair complexion women should wear dark colour saree so that they may look beautiful and attractive.

    • Logically: dark complexion women should wear a light colour saree so that they may look more beautiful and attractive. Of course if everybody follows these fashion rules, thing will look boring, so go as you feel :-)

  • Do wear a tight-fitting low cut blouse or bikini under your saree! Otherwise a little water on the beach could let you end up like in the picture below from Raj Kapoor’s 1985 movie featuring actress Mandakini in a white wet saree.
    wet saree actress
    You have 1001 possibilities when wearing a blouse under a saree: short sleeved or sleeveless and a variety of necklines. Just make sure the blouse ends just below your bust.

How to drape a saree according to your size

  • Shorter women should wear a saree with small or no borders. Once draped, the lining on the saree should appear horizontal to the earth so that you look taller.

  • Longer women should wear sarees with big borders. Once draped, if there is any lining, it should appear parallel to the earth.

Visit saree strips shots for a more detailed explanation and more examples of how to drape a saree.

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Posted on Friday, October 31, 2008

asian bikini dance

Are you fed up looking at this animated Asian bikini dance? Do you want to meet Asian girls in real life?

Then meet these 2 gorgeous Asian dating personals Lalaine and Katie:

philipina female penfriend filipino dating

Their 2 latest Filipino female penfriends:

gorgeouslalaine and katie87

If you live in the US and you only want to date Christians, then Filipino dating is ideal: Asian singles in the Philippines are brought up in a Catholic way and Filipinos are known for wanting to spend time of their live abroad.

And... apart from the swimsuit, they are gorgeous as well: even more gorgeous than this Filipino bikini model I find ... But just admit, this swimsuit completely caters for the US :-)

free philipina picure galleries

Hurry, you never know who is dating gorgeouslalaine and katie87 already... let alone who is doing an Asian bikini dance with them?

Posted on Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Michelle Bayle FHM Philippines

Watch out for the new gorgeous Michelle Bayle FHM Philippines issue! See above and below how this hot Philipina model is posing like a temptress in Toyz For The Boyz Mag #5.

michelle bayle

How FHM will outdo these kind of hot babe pictures is something to dream about...

Michelle Bayle and Vanessa del Bianco

michelle bayle and vanessa del bianco

Meanwhile you can leave a comment if you would love to see an FHM photoshoot featuring both Michelle Bayle and Vanessa del Bianco in bikinis?

Michelle Bayle bio

Michelle Bayle was born on 27 November 1980 in the Philippines. She is 5' 5" (1.65 m) tall and a Philipina model, actress, host and singer.

Michelle Bayle is also cheerleader for the Canadian Toronto Argonauts Football team and an accomplished dance member of the dance group "Showgirls" (together with Jenny Miller, Apreal Tolentino, Cherry Lou, Gem Ramos and Regine Tolentino).

We will post more pictures once Michelle Bayle adds FHM Philippines to her bio :-)

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Posted on Tuesday, October 21, 2008

jennifer garner latex

These aren't Jennifer Garner fakes, but the real deal! She loves latex and we love posting these sexy pics of Jennifer Garner :-)

sexy pics of jennifer garner

jennifer garner gaggedAbove 2 pictures from Jennifer from the movie Elektra. Seems that in some of the Jennifer Garner movies she is chosen to add a kinky hint.

At the left watch Jennifer Garner gagged in the movie Dude, where's my car.

And below again wearing a blue latex dress in Alias. Notice the chokers in both hot Elektra and Alias pictures... Needles, oops needless to say more :-)

how tall is jennifer garner

How tall is Jennifer Garner?

... and more things you love to know:

  • born April 17, 1972

  • about 5 ft 8 in (173 cm) or 5 ft 9 in (175.5 cm) tall (add to that high heels and you reach 6 feet!)

  • weight: 125 lbs (about 60kg) (according to her Alias : Sydney Bestow)

  • bust 34-36

  • cup B , so on the question "does Jennifer Garner has breast implants" one would tend to believe she hasn't

  • waist : leave a comment if you know

  • hips : leave a comment if you know

  • since 2005 listed in the Forbes' "Power 100" list of celebrities

  • nerve damaged on her back, caused by a stunt during the filming of Alias

alias wardrobe jennifer garner

Jennifer Garner in Elle magazine

jennifer garner in elle magazine

Unlike the Alias wardrobe Jennifer Garner shows off in Rolling Stone magazine, she reveals in Elle magazine (Januari 2008) her true fashion style icons: Coco Chanel and Cate Blanchett.

Her her favourite go-to designers are Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, and Stella McCartney, especially her coats. Jennifer's favourite beauty must-have is Neutrogena lip balm, with which I agree totally :-)

As you can see: Jennifer Garner latex personas Elektra and Sydney are the 'real fakes'...

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Posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2008

phuket girls

As you can see, that's me shopping on the streets in Phuket today. Look at the girl in the foreground: she is just sitting there stiff bored gazing at me hoping I would come back to here shop in order to buy a postcard.

Well, having friends with digital cameras don't ask for lots of postcards to buy anyway...

Nevertheless I bought a few, since we are all in the same both here in Phuket, Thailand: just not enough tourists to make a decent income these days.

As you can see: I am blogging away like nobody's business today as well... If you can't make money from tips from customers, then you need to find other ways to make ends meet :-)

If you want to meet me in Phuket, why don't you book a flight right now. There are lots and lots of last minutes bargains for grabs since lots of tourists have cancelled their vacation to Thailand last few days.

So grab a cheap last minute ticket and fly all the way to Phuket Thailand were we are all eager to cater for you!

Posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2008

phuket beach Thailand

Good news, I can keep in Phuket, Thailand as it seems that Thailand is out of it's misery!

We finally have a new PM! And it was getting time as tourists keep on canceling their bookings to our Phuket resort and an empty beach like in the picture is quite rare to say the least in Thailand. Unfortunately, that's how things look...

Ideal if you want to have a peaceful Thailand vacation, but not too ideal for us wanting to make money in the tourist industry.

But we got a new PM today! This is what the demonstrators in Bangkok have been asking for and now they have it.

I hope they can accept him but well... He (Somchai Wongsawat) is the brother-in-law of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra: the one the demonstrators kicked out of office. Not a good start to choose a person from the same family I find. But what's important is how the demonstrators feel: once they are happy, tourists will come back to Phuket and we will be happy as well :-)

Anyway, for the time being I keep stationed in Phuket and crossing fingers the tourists will flock back like bees on a pot of honey :-)

Posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mooncake festival

Last weekend we celebrated the Moon Cake Festival here in Phuket. Not only in Phuket but also in Phang Nga, Krabi and all over Asia where people follow the Chinese lunar calendar.

So it is not one of those "cultural shows" to lure tourist to Thailand, this is a deep rooted feast we never miss.

Just that the Americans spoiled it a bit by landing on the moon... Other than that we Chinese hold this festival on the full moon day in the eight month under the Chinese calendar.

And what you see in the picture is half a Moon Cake: a special kind of sweet cake prepared in the shape of the moon and filled with sesame seeds and ground lotus seeds. First we serve them to our Gods and ancestors, and what they don't eat, we will finish :-)

Other than that nothing much is happening here in Phuket. The Phi Phi Island speed boats are really not making money and lots of tourists have cancelled their vacation to Thailand because of the political instability in Bangkok. All is calm and quite here in Phuket though, too quite for the tourist industry though.

Posted on Sunday, September 14, 2008

phuket airtportPhuket airport seems to be running smooth again after it was closed last Friday.

Anti-government protests in Thailand forced the closure of three airports in the south, including our Phuket airport.

phuket beaches

All a far cry away from the beauty
you normally experience on the Phuket beaches...

Some Australian tourists even got airlifted with a chartered Jet to Sydney, price-tag of this Phuket flight: $618,352... Jetstar has agreed to reimburse travelers for their additional accommodation expenses and costs while they were stuck in Thailand.

You can't imagine the amount of work we had to cater to the stranded Phuket tourists, but on the other hand, there wasn't fresh support of tourists as there were no possible Phuket airport arrivals either. All in all lots of unscheduled work, but that's the fun of working in the tourist industry :-)

Now Phuket flights are all going smooth again and here and there still some stranded and delayed tourists who ask some extra attention, but hey, that's why we are here :-)

Nothing better than to offer free Phuket massages to relax hot tempered stranded tourists, free drinks from the house and whatever else that's free without costing the traffic industry a bomb...

phuket massage

Anyway, most of the stranded tourists don't feel too bad needing to spend some extra days on vacation in Thailand, don't know whether the Phuket massage girls are thinking the same :-)

phuket massage girls

But let's face it: here in Phuket we are still feeling the slowdown due to the tsunami, and now for some stupid political haggling in the Thai capital of Bangkok, the simple people as usual are the ones who suffer: its hard to make an income when there aren't tourists coming in from Phuket airport.

So if you are planning your holidays still, let me re-assure you that in Phuket all is calm and quite as usual... You can still "get nailed" by the Phuket girls like so:

phuket girls

... nailed by one of the many Phuket girls ...

Which is still the biggest "violence" we have seen here in Phuket :-)

Anyway, what happens in Phuket with the Phuket girls and the whole wild and unforgettable Phuket romantic experience stays in Phuket...

... Leave it all behind the moment you board your flight back home, just hope Phuket Airport keeps open!

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Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2008

phuket airport arrivalsPhuket airport arrivals this year are mostly filled with Japanese tourists I have the impression.

Now that's great as our resort does cater for the Japanese, and I don't mind at all joining our Japanese breakfast buffet :-)

But apart from more Japanese tourists flocking in, it's relatively quite on the Phuket beaches this year.

Not that it has anything to do with the troublesome political news we hear from the capital Bangkok.

Nor has it to do with the tsunami: Patong beach looks as gorgeous as ever:

patong beach

And Hat Patong Road looks as busy as before:

hat patong road

It's more about higher oil prices making it too expensive for travelers to fly into Phuket. We all know that the Japanese have a good currency, so for them Phuket is still manageable.

On top of that Japan has re-launched its Narita–Phuket services.

Since this trend continues, I am taking up Japanese classes in order to accommodate the Japanese travelers even better. It's quite embarrassing only to be able to say "ohiogozaimas" to the Japanese Phuket airport arrivals in the morning...

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Posted on Saturday, August 23, 2008

federica pellegrini seychelles

What's the difference between Federica Pellegrini Seychelles sexy bikini above and her "NASA fastest swimsuit ever" Olympic picture below?

federica pellegrini swimsuit

The black swimsuit is the one designed for speed from NASA. But you notice also blue swimwear... That's right: Federica is wearing her normal swimsuit under the NASA Speedo LZR Racer swimsuit. Why?

Because the LZR Racer swimsuit can sometimes break very easily... Maybe somebody needs to tell those people at NASA that women prefer to be seen inside their swimsuits!

Having said so: if you have no idea where to go on your next vacation and you have a lot of money to spare, then have a look at one of the resorts in the Indian Ocean at the east of Africa.

Amazingly but true, some of these Islands are part of France! Which only goes to show the facts of Seychelles islands: they look like paradise for the French so they intend to never give up these colonial Seychelles...

Look at the Seychelles island pictures below and you will understand what's at stake...

seychelles island pictures

Map of Seychelles islands

A map of Seychelles of Africa:

map of seychelles islands

The 115 Seychelles Islands form an archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean. The closest well known travel destinations nearby are:

  • the islands of Madagascar and Maldives
    in the south west

  • Zanzibar at the west,

  • French paradise islands Mauritius and RĂ©union at the north (there are a few gorgeous Mauritius Seychelles cruises to choose from, again be prepared to fork out lots of money)

  • Comoros and Mayotte at the north east

Webcam Seychelles

webcam seychellesIf you want to know who is strolling around at the beach of the Seychelles, they have a webcam on the beach and also at the market.

The site to visit is : .

If you don't see Federica Pellegrini on the webcam anymore, then spot her again below:

federica pellegrini seychelles

"Style never goes on holiday"
Federica Pellegrini Seychelles Adidas Swimwear Photoshoot

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