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Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2008

daniela hantuchova nude.jpgInspired by our previous beach post about tennis player Charlene Vanneste and her 2 glamour videos:

We now add some swimwear from another not too famous tennis player: Daniela Hantuchova, who these strolls the beaches in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

daniela hantuchova

Daniela Hantuchova

Daniela Hantuchova bio

  • Daniela Hantuchova born April 23, 1983 in Poprad, Slovakia

  • Actual residence: Monte Carlo, Monaco where beach life is expensive, full of celebrities and hot babes in bikinis (or so they think...)

  • Height 5'11 1/4'' (1.81 m)

  • Weight 123 lbs. (56 kg)

Daniela Hantuchova thong

daniela hantuchova thong

Daniela Hantuchova thong

Daniela Hantuchova is anorexic?

daniela hantuchova is anorexic

Daniela Hantuchova is anorexic?

Don't be fooled by these fashion pictures of Daniela Hantuchova: she is in tip top shape but having the longest legs in the entire Tennis history (1.20 meter, that's 4 feet!), one could get the illusion Daniela is way too skinny.

Nevertheless she has the ideal body to show of this multicolor bikini.

Daniela Hantuchova gallery

2 water pictures for the price of one...

daniela hantuchova gallery

Daniela Hantuchova gallery

Not really swimwear, more like fountain-wear...

Daniela Hantuchova wallpaper

There are more cute Daniela Hantuchova wallpapers out there, but on a bikini and swimwear website, we choose the wallpaper below:

daniela hantuchova wallpaper

Daniela Hantuchova wallpaper
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