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Posted on Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jessica Alba Pregnant

American actress and mom-to-be Jessica Alba is supposed to be expecting her first baby in May or the latest June 8.

She is now touring Europe promoting her movie "The Eye" and gossip says she has developed a taste for French ham and cheese sandwiches...

jessica alba pregnant

Jessica Alba Pregnant in Paris

Her clothing taste still is spotless in this white dress which reminded me on a white monokini she showed of some time ago.

Jessica Alba bikini gallery

The above picture reminded me on the white bikini below:

jessica alba in bikini

Jessica Alba in bikini

To be correct : it's a monokini that accentuates Jessica's waste even more...

Maybe the bikini below was when Jessica started to be pregnant?

jessica alba bikini

Jessica Alba bikini with a little tummy?

And for those who want to admire Jessica Alba's swimwear as wallpaper, you can download a 1024 x 786 desktop screensaver by clicking the picture below:

Jessica Alba in a bikini wallpaper

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