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Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kristin Davis, better known as Sex and the city girl Charlotte seems to be in a real sex scandal, not even wearing a swimsuit. needless to say that all this bikini-less hype has to do with promoting her latest movie Sex and the City.

Sex and the City Swimwear
(Kristin is wearing the white bikini on the left)

Has Kristin Davis done nudity? Yes she has, but it's her yoga that keeps her at the age of 42 in a spot on beach shape!

Kristin Davis yoga

kristen davis in a bikini

Kristin Davis doing yoga

Did you know that Kristen Davis used to have a yoga business? Not to be mistaken by a massage business... prove are her abdomen that are to die for!

Kristen Davis' abdomen thanks to yoga

For those who think yoga is just stretching and bending... next time you go on a beach vacation or indulge in a spa holiday, make sure you sign up for a yoga class (they normally are free...). After 1 hour of yoga, you will know that is builds muscles as well!

Kristin Davis 2 times in a bikini

Kristin Davis in a red bikini

Kristin Davis in a beautiful bikini, love her hair!

Kristin Davis Wallpaper

Not a swimwear wallpaper but I like the huge amount of white space in the Kristin Davis wallpaper below. Click on the picture to download the 1024x768 Kristen Davis desktop.

Kristin Davis Wallpaper

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