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Posted on Thursday, May 08, 2008

Picnickers in Malaysia are more dirty than monkeys: monkeys do make a mess when they attack food, but they don't leave behind plastic bags, tin cans nor cigarette butts...

Lately on the Malaysian radio's they started a campaign to keep Malaysian's beaches clean. The sad news means it confirms that people don't care about the beach nor about the next swimwear tourist behind them.

The good news is that somebody starts educating people things need to change! Especially after I heard an overseas beach tourist saying:

beach picnic

oh great Malaysia: you can just leave your dirt behind?
Seems somebody cleans up after you,
not like in our country,
so we will adapt and
leave our trash here as well


Please help us to keep the beaches and the earth clean! You don't want to end up living on a planet where you can only enjoy a clean bikini tan on the top of your house...