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Posted on Sunday, March 09, 2008

sandra dewiWhen it comes to Indonesian Celebrities, you will seldom see them in bikini pictures. Sometimes you will even see them wearing a veil like Sandra Dewi on the right.

Anggun undress me

A big exception on the do not show us in swimwear rule is Indonesian singer Anggun. Living now in the city of sin Paris, and having songs called like "Undress me", it's quite obvious that she gets kind of forced by the western media to pose topless in a bikini.

anggun undress me

Anggun Undress me song on the beach

Also in her video "stop the rain" you can see Anggun C Sasmi running around in a bikini, but again, she lives in Paris and has to please a western audience...

Sandra Dewi

No swimwear for Sandra Dewi either, although she posed in a magazine showing off an "aunties" lingerie. Below a much more fashionable picture from the same foto shoot!

sandra dewi

Sandra Dewi fashionable photo shoot

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