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Posted on Monday, April 28, 2008

Free Kim Kardashian Playboy pictures

Watch the hot and free Kim Kardashian Playboy pictures for free in the video below!

Having seen this, I wonder how Playboy can still make money when you can download the pictures on YouTube. Or is it really true that men do read playboy for the interviews :-)

If you are a man reading Playboy, please leave a comment so the riddle is answered once and for all.

Anticipating no comment on my question, I did find a Kim Kardashian in a bikini video where the guys from fame ass dot com discuss some candid photos taken of Kim Kardashian on the beach. Kim is sporting a bikini-esque top and showing off her goods while the guys give their honest opinion drinking a beer: quite cute I find :-).

Anyway, no bikini pictures in Playboy but thanks to these kind of magazines other riddles get solved like Kim does a Brazilian waxing or not...

It's not clear whether her ass is real or fake though, then again, nobody gets born like that...

Meanwhile I have to give Kim Kardashian credit that she made it famous though...

Quite smart to start out in the footsteps of Paris Hilton (poor Paris' booty is no match against Kim's and let's not talk about those huge Kim Kardashian tits...) and hitting the jackpot to fame with her Ray J Kim Kardashian tape watch free if you can find it video.

Anyway, go to the Playboy website if you want to read oops see more free Kim Kardashian Playboy pictures :-)

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Posted on Thursday, April 24, 2008

emma watson in a bikini

Picture of Emma Watson in a bikini, much more decent than how the paparazzi's caught her underpants stepping in and outside the car at her 18th birthday...

But Emma Watson, playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga, lives a more fashionable lifestyle than the paparazzi's would like you to remember. Not so long ago Emma signed a contract with Storm. Yes, that's Kate Moss’ agency, and she is arranging a contract with the prestige Chanel.

Beachwear for peace

Emma Watson is also supporting the OmniPeace T-shirts that look stunning for a stroll on the beach.

emma watson in swimsuit

OmniPeace for the Beach

Proceeds from the sales of OmniPeace T-shirts are contributed to Millennium Promise. This is a non-profit organization with the goal to end extreme poverty by 2025 one step at a time.

Their mission is to work village by village in Africa to empower the poor with skills and tools to become self-sufficient.

angelina jolie jennifer anistonEven Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie wear them, so it's an excellent idea for your next wet T-shirt contest: use T-shirts from OmniPeace and help the world one T-shirt at the time.

There is much more in an Emma Watson in a bikini post than you would have expected, isn't it :-)

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Posted on Friday, April 11, 2008

ana karina soto video

Stylish Tankini

I was looking for a suitable Ana Karina Soto video in swimsuit or bikini at YouTube, when I ran into a bikini video of another Colombian model Laura Acuña and action actress Angelica Camacho and... Ricardo Perez.

Now it makes you wonder why the girls are wearing the tiniest swimwear ever where the guy is wearing the longest shorts ever... Seems equality of the sexes still is a long way off when it comes to showing yourself in swimwear.

Angelica Camacho and Laura Acuña in bikini

You can read more about the Ana Karina Soto video here as well.

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Posted on Tuesday, April 08, 2008

olsen twins in their bikinisWhat is this: the Olsen twins smoking away in their bikinis...

What I like about this season of America's next top model is that Tyra Banks decided to ban cigarettes!

Not only that it's bad for your health, it's also bad for the persons next to you.

Don't you hate it when on the beach breathing in the fresh sea breeze and than an idiot starts lighting a fire? Well, it's a good way to get me change spots on the beach...

Being a role-model for the will always be hard, and the Olsen twins will get their share in being criticized...

Mary Kate Olsen bikini

mary kate olsen bikini

Mary Kate Olsen bikini nail biting

After their launch of their new tweenie fashion lines: To Dye For and Boho Forever, Mary-Kate and Ashley are sunbathing in their bikinis on the balcony of their rented Penthouse, only a few steps away from famous Australian Palm Beach... And even on their balcony, the paparazzi peak through...

Ashley Olsen Bikini

ashley olsen bikini

Ashley Olsen bikini : not only a smoking bikini but Ashley herself smoking away...

Nail biting isn't that bad compared to smoking... sad as she would make a good role model :-(

Like this it seems that the smoking Olsen twins in their bikinis should change their brand into:

To Die For...

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Posted on Monday, April 07, 2008

My greatest spring vacation ever was when we visited Boston recently with our family and friends.

We had planned on this big holiday for months and it was great fun traveling in a group and doing everything together!

There were plenty of Things to do in Boston and we were never bored!

In fact we are now planning another spring break next year believe it or not, and I am really looking forward to it.

Planning is the easy part really as we used Trusted Tours & Attractions to make all the necessary ground arrangements and it was so easy and effortless in the end.

We went on various sightseeing tours and also visited the various attractions and museums while we were in Boston .

My top favorite tour was the Boston lunch cruise and I had a crazy time dancing and dining as it was just an amazing experience cruising down the harbor and taking in the amazing view when we cruised along the harbor.

But there are a lot of other things to do in Boston. We also visited museums like Museum of Fine Arts Boston , John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Harvard Museum of National History and took an educational and interesting walk into History at the Boston Freedom Trail.

If you are planning a vacation with Trustedtours, they are now having a special promo whereby you stand a chance to win a handheld GPS system when you sign up for their newsletter at

Posted on Sunday, April 06, 2008

Eva Longoria in a bikini

If you have short legs like me, then watching a swimwear fashion show is kind of a waist of time, as these bikini models are kind of twice my height :-)

So I look for celebrities that are more my height and can be found on the beach. Yes, most Asian bikini examples don't usually strut their stuff on the beach as they do love fair skin and sunrays do cause skin cancer.

My favorite bikini celebrity is Eva Longoria, not for her taste in bikinis but for her size :-)

Talking about bad taste: look at the picture below and tell me what's wrong with her choice of bikini?

eva longoria in bikini

Right: as if she is cutting her body in 2...

Eva Longoria in a one-piece swimsuit

Look at the difference with her next swimwear picture:

hot eva longoria

... aren't her legs much longer here! (or so it looks...)

So if you feel comfortable with it, try high-cut legs on your bikini. Myself I prefer a one-piece swimsuit, as that makes me feel much more at ease having a high cut leg.

See more swimsuit pictures of Eva Longoria in our previous Eva Longoria Bikini post.