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Posted on Sunday, April 06, 2008

Eva Longoria in a bikini

If you have short legs like me, then watching a swimwear fashion show is kind of a waist of time, as these bikini models are kind of twice my height :-)

So I look for celebrities that are more my height and can be found on the beach. Yes, most Asian bikini examples don't usually strut their stuff on the beach as they do love fair skin and sunrays do cause skin cancer.

My favorite bikini celebrity is Eva Longoria, not for her taste in bikinis but for her size :-)

Talking about bad taste: look at the picture below and tell me what's wrong with her choice of bikini?

eva longoria in bikini

Right: as if she is cutting her body in 2...

Eva Longoria in a one-piece swimsuit

Look at the difference with her next swimwear picture:

hot eva longoria

... aren't her legs much longer here! (or so it looks...)

So if you feel comfortable with it, try high-cut legs on your bikini. Myself I prefer a one-piece swimsuit, as that makes me feel much more at ease having a high cut leg.

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