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Posted on Saturday, May 31, 2008

bali spa resort

What do you think about this 5 star Bali Spa resort breakfast? Looks like somebody is on a bikini diet, right? Well: 2 remarks...

  • If you look at the bodies of the western ladies around here, they surely can use a beach diet :-)

  • The rest of the visitors seem to be Japanese but because it's off season and there aren't much Japanese around, the Japanese breakfast section is closed.

Pathetic to say the least. On top of that I would have loved to indulge myself in a good Indonesian breakfast in stead of this might I say over healthy meal (except for the quality of the sausage, I mean a 5 star spa resort should be able to provide more than a heated up deep freezer sausage)...

Ok, I have to admit: it's a 5 star Spa and Health resort and not a 3 star Michelin dining and gourmet experience.

Anyway: the yoga session this morning woke me up with a good appetite, so in stead of going for a tan and a stroll to the beach, I will go for a stroll in the local fruit markets: it can't get any more healthy than that!

Posted on Thursday, May 22, 2008

I already told you in my last Bali beach post that there was an annoying bikini shoot going on with a noisy photographer and a girl in a white bikini in need of some Brazilian waxing...

Now for all the criticism I have, I must say that with an old handphone camera you can't get a good swimsuit fashion shoot... Or maybe you can, but then you should go stand near to your model and not taking pictures from the bar with a view to the swimming pool.

white bikini girl

Zooming in doesn't help much either, you are able to see she is wearing a bikini bottom and I can assure you she is wearing a bikini top as well. Maybe I should hype it up and say I took this picture to give you a feel of the romantic ambiance we are experiencing here at our Bali spa resort... :-)

Meanwhile I just enjoyed a delicious breakfast and before that did a yoga session: yes, very early in the morning as with the sun coming up you start sweating really fast!

Posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2008

samanta ronson built this way

What's all this about lesbians Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan?

Already in 2004 Samantha Ronson Built This Way featured together with Lindsay Lohan in the movie Mean Girls!

Built this Way was on the movie soundtrack of Mean Girls in which Lindsay Lohan played Cady Heron : a hit with The Plastics - the A-list girl clique at her new school-, until she makes the mistake of falling for Aaron Samuels (Bennett), the ex-boyfriend of alpha Plastic Regina George (McAdams)... Kind of gossip movie...

Now why don't we believe the movie where it is clear that Lindsay Lohan is not a lesbian. Movies are not real you say? Well, same thing goes with the recent Samantha Ronson Lindsay Lohan gossip.

As far as I know the 2 girls go a long way and for example have been spotted one year ago strutting of their swimwear: one wearing a decent one piece swimsuit, the other one a more revealing style triangle bikini with triangle-shaped pieces that tie around the neck and back.

samantha ronson lindsay lohan

But apart from walking arm in arm in swimsuits on the beach, why are the rumours suddenly rising again? Most likely because a few days ago Lindsay Lohan began yelling at Ashley Olsen (one of the 2 Olson twins in their bikinis) after she said hello to Samantha Ronson, telling the Olsen twin to get away from her "girlfriend."

According to her mom, Lindsay is not a lesbian. In my opinion: we say girlfriend when we want to make sure nobody mistakes for boyfriend... The girls just want to have fun and whether or not Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian: time will tell.

And it's no secret about her friend being a lesbian, most likely like the title of her song: Samantha Ronson was always built this way...

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Posted on Monday, May 19, 2008

bali beachThis is actually my dream:sitting on a beach with my laptop and reading the news or just blogging about.

Being in Ubud, Bali now, I am not going to the beach with my laptop, but just enjoy my Spa retreat and write you from a little balcony with a cute looking drink: it's the so called house specialty and hot as it is, it has lots of ice and no alcohol, my kind of summer drink.

Internet reception in acceptable being abroad: main thing is I am connected and can upload this post without moving my lazy bum sitting in my swimsuit near the pool.

Some noise here on the swimming pool as a would be model in bikini or a would be photographer are trying to make a swimwear photo-shoot, much to anybodies discomfort. I mean: we all come here to enjoy the sun, peace and quite, after all it is a spa retreat and then these people with an East European accent are shouting to each other.

On top of that she is wearing a white bikini and you can see she should have opted for a Brazilian waxing first... quite gross... Now I will try to take a picture of all this and post in my next post, just that this handphone camera won't reveal the waxing details nor will it reach a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit standard :-)

Posted on Friday, May 16, 2008

calvin klein swimwear

What does Calvin Klein swimwear and Anne Cole swimwear have in common? Ok, I agree: swimwear... but what else?

Right, each season they have a brand new collection of swimsuits... Which led me thinking that my own Girls Swimsuits site hasn't got a makeover since ages.

So I changed my green template which I loved a lot to a more sober template. More sober so the bikinis, swimsuits and celebrities can be more on the foreground in stead of the green theme I liked.

girls swimsuits womans swimwear

On top of that, I got rid of the fashion spelling error at the left top and more importantly: the new template loads much faster than the green theme, so you can see your celebrities in bikinis much faster :-)

I hope you like the new theme as much as I like the postsers about Calvin Klein Swimwear ;-)

Posted on Wednesday, May 14, 2008

singapore actress fiona xie

fiona xieI was watching TV with the guys when Singapore Actress Fiona Xie was stealing the show...

It's not that Fiona Xie was naked nor even wearing a bikini like in the picture above...

fiona xie nakedIt's about her hosting a food program called "Coffee Talk and Hawker Woks"...

So far so good. A food show I love to watch as well but it gets a bit boring when the camera starts zooming in above Fiona when she is seated on a table revealing not only the food but also what's underneath her T-shirt.

Anyway, if the guys' hormones go bizerk when Fiona is just presenting a food show, I don't want to know what's happening when they get their hands on a Fiona Xie naked picture.

fiona xie naked picture

And I just hope Fiona is smart enough not to take out more than her swimsuit when posing for cameras.

Asian television awards 2007 Fiona Xie

Fiona was a finalist for the "Best Comedy Performance by an Actress" for her role in the TV series Maggi and Me, but swimsuit lovers will be happy to know that Fiona can be seen in lots of swimwear and bikinis in the 2004 drama: The Champion.

We know why guys will look but it's also a beautiful love story situated around a female swimming team Fei Yu.

asian television awards 2007 fiona xie

One of the Fei Yu swimmers: Jingwen has a difficult family life, and therefore cannot always reach her swimming commitments as well as her family ones.

However, she is a courageous girl and she always tries to do her best. Kind of how we all have to fight in life, be it that I am not a professional swimmer but I do have family commitments :-)

TV lesson of today: guys on the beach do behave much better than guys watching Singapore actress Fiona Xie on TV :-)

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Posted on Friday, May 09, 2008

You most likely have heard that there are about 120 Malaysian girls in jail worldwide for smuggling drugs.

The same Malaysia newspaper suggests amongst others to educate the people that there are no such things as "you can have a free flight in return of smuggling these so called very important documents" with you.

Now everybody should know that something fishy is going on when people start offering you free flights and then... you stumble on this advertisement of Malaysia Airlines


If FREE isn't fishy enough, then look at the words: ONE WAY TICKET!

yes, they are right: no return ticket needed if you end up in jail...

Posted on Thursday, May 08, 2008

Picnickers in Malaysia are more dirty than monkeys: monkeys do make a mess when they attack food, but they don't leave behind plastic bags, tin cans nor cigarette butts...

Lately on the Malaysian radio's they started a campaign to keep Malaysian's beaches clean. The sad news means it confirms that people don't care about the beach nor about the next swimwear tourist behind them.

The good news is that somebody starts educating people things need to change! Especially after I heard an overseas beach tourist saying:

beach picnic

oh great Malaysia: you can just leave your dirt behind?
Seems somebody cleans up after you,
not like in our country,
so we will adapt and
leave our trash here as well


Please help us to keep the beaches and the earth clean! You don't want to end up living on a planet where you can only enjoy a clean bikini tan on the top of your house...