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Posted on Monday, May 19, 2008

bali beachThis is actually my dream:sitting on a beach with my laptop and reading the news or just blogging about.

Being in Ubud, Bali now, I am not going to the beach with my laptop, but just enjoy my Spa retreat and write you from a little balcony with a cute looking drink: it's the so called house specialty and hot as it is, it has lots of ice and no alcohol, my kind of summer drink.

Internet reception in acceptable being abroad: main thing is I am connected and can upload this post without moving my lazy bum sitting in my swimsuit near the pool.

Some noise here on the swimming pool as a would be model in bikini or a would be photographer are trying to make a swimwear photo-shoot, much to anybodies discomfort. I mean: we all come here to enjoy the sun, peace and quite, after all it is a spa retreat and then these people with an East European accent are shouting to each other.

On top of that she is wearing a white bikini and you can see she should have opted for a Brazilian waxing first... quite gross... Now I will try to take a picture of all this and post in my next post, just that this handphone camera won't reveal the waxing details nor will it reach a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit standard :-)