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Posted on Saturday, May 31, 2008

bali spa resort

What do you think about this 5 star Bali Spa resort breakfast? Looks like somebody is on a bikini diet, right? Well: 2 remarks...

  • If you look at the bodies of the western ladies around here, they surely can use a beach diet :-)

  • The rest of the visitors seem to be Japanese but because it's off season and there aren't much Japanese around, the Japanese breakfast section is closed.

Pathetic to say the least. On top of that I would have loved to indulge myself in a good Indonesian breakfast in stead of this might I say over healthy meal (except for the quality of the sausage, I mean a 5 star spa resort should be able to provide more than a heated up deep freezer sausage)...

Ok, I have to admit: it's a 5 star Spa and Health resort and not a 3 star Michelin dining and gourmet experience.

Anyway: the yoga session this morning woke me up with a good appetite, so in stead of going for a tan and a stroll to the beach, I will go for a stroll in the local fruit markets: it can't get any more healthy than that!