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Posted on Thursday, May 22, 2008

I already told you in my last Bali beach post that there was an annoying bikini shoot going on with a noisy photographer and a girl in a white bikini in need of some Brazilian waxing...

Now for all the criticism I have, I must say that with an old handphone camera you can't get a good swimsuit fashion shoot... Or maybe you can, but then you should go stand near to your model and not taking pictures from the bar with a view to the swimming pool.

white bikini girl

Zooming in doesn't help much either, you are able to see she is wearing a bikini bottom and I can assure you she is wearing a bikini top as well. Maybe I should hype it up and say I took this picture to give you a feel of the romantic ambiance we are experiencing here at our Bali spa resort... :-)

Meanwhile I just enjoyed a delicious breakfast and before that did a yoga session: yes, very early in the morning as with the sun coming up you start sweating really fast!