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Posted on Friday, May 16, 2008

calvin klein swimwear

What does Calvin Klein swimwear and Anne Cole swimwear have in common? Ok, I agree: swimwear... but what else?

Right, each season they have a brand new collection of swimsuits... Which led me thinking that my own Girls Swimsuits site hasn't got a makeover since ages.

So I changed my green template which I loved a lot to a more sober template. More sober so the bikinis, swimsuits and celebrities can be more on the foreground in stead of the green theme I liked.

girls swimsuits womans swimwear

On top of that, I got rid of the fashion spelling error at the left top and more importantly: the new template loads much faster than the green theme, so you can see your celebrities in bikinis much faster :-)

I hope you like the new theme as much as I like the postsers about Calvin Klein Swimwear ;-)