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Posted on Monday, April 28, 2008

Free Kim Kardashian Playboy pictures

Watch the hot and free Kim Kardashian Playboy pictures for free in the video below!

Having seen this, I wonder how Playboy can still make money when you can download the pictures on YouTube. Or is it really true that men do read playboy for the interviews :-)

If you are a man reading Playboy, please leave a comment so the riddle is answered once and for all.

Anticipating no comment on my question, I did find a Kim Kardashian in a bikini video where the guys from fame ass dot com discuss some candid photos taken of Kim Kardashian on the beach. Kim is sporting a bikini-esque top and showing off her goods while the guys give their honest opinion drinking a beer: quite cute I find :-).

Anyway, no bikini pictures in Playboy but thanks to these kind of magazines other riddles get solved like Kim does a Brazilian waxing or not...

It's not clear whether her ass is real or fake though, then again, nobody gets born like that...

Meanwhile I have to give Kim Kardashian credit that she made it famous though...

Quite smart to start out in the footsteps of Paris Hilton (poor Paris' booty is no match against Kim's and let's not talk about those huge Kim Kardashian tits...) and hitting the jackpot to fame with her Ray J Kim Kardashian tape watch free if you can find it video.

Anyway, go to the Playboy website if you want to read oops see more free Kim Kardashian Playboy pictures :-)

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