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Posted on Wednesday, May 14, 2008

singapore actress fiona xie

fiona xieI was watching TV with the guys when Singapore Actress Fiona Xie was stealing the show...

It's not that Fiona Xie was naked nor even wearing a bikini like in the picture above...

fiona xie nakedIt's about her hosting a food program called "Coffee Talk and Hawker Woks"...

So far so good. A food show I love to watch as well but it gets a bit boring when the camera starts zooming in above Fiona when she is seated on a table revealing not only the food but also what's underneath her T-shirt.

Anyway, if the guys' hormones go bizerk when Fiona is just presenting a food show, I don't want to know what's happening when they get their hands on a Fiona Xie naked picture.

fiona xie naked picture

And I just hope Fiona is smart enough not to take out more than her swimsuit when posing for cameras.

Asian television awards 2007 Fiona Xie

Fiona was a finalist for the "Best Comedy Performance by an Actress" for her role in the TV series Maggi and Me, but swimsuit lovers will be happy to know that Fiona can be seen in lots of swimwear and bikinis in the 2004 drama: The Champion.

We know why guys will look but it's also a beautiful love story situated around a female swimming team Fei Yu.

asian television awards 2007 fiona xie

One of the Fei Yu swimmers: Jingwen has a difficult family life, and therefore cannot always reach her swimming commitments as well as her family ones.

However, she is a courageous girl and she always tries to do her best. Kind of how we all have to fight in life, be it that I am not a professional swimmer but I do have family commitments :-)

TV lesson of today: guys on the beach do behave much better than guys watching Singapore actress Fiona Xie on TV :-)

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