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Posted on Sunday, June 01, 2008

bali bras discountedI just got an email telling me I should hurry to buy new Bali bras discounted... And I was wondering why being in Bali myself, I still need to hear about this first in email.

Well, as a matter of fact the email was talking about Bali bras: the fashion brand Bali and not about a Bali bra as if it was manufactured in Bali.

That's good to know because when I drive along the roads in Bali, I do find clothes shops, here and there a Bali hand dye quilt fabric, artifact shops, antique Bali art shops and statue shops:

discontinued bali bras

Bali topless statues...

But never did I see a bra on a Bali statue let alone a complete Bali bra shop. That's because bra's are not a typical Bali produce: nothing wrong with my eye sight :-)

Discounted shopping in Bali

A big part of Bali lives from tourism. So if lets say you want a silver Bali mens bracelet, you most likely join one of those typical Bali tours that bring you to a Bali Jewelry shop.

Once you see a mens silver Bali bracelet you find out that you can get some discount and you leave the shop happily, wondering why the salespeople in the shop are smiling even harder than you.

That's because you just walked out of a "tourist shop for westerners". Sadly but true, you could have bought your Bali silver mens bracelet for a much cheaper price at the tourist shops for the locals. That's right; you cannot expect local Indonesian tourists shopping around in the shops where prices are adjusted for the buying power of the westerners...

So how to work around that? Difficult if you don't look Indonesian... And even if you hire a driver in Bali and don't follow the tourist bus shops, you are not out of the woods yet.

Driver hire Bali is just another way where the local drivers will bring you to the more local markets where they will advice you to buy in the shop of their "sister".

First time I did that I was happy to support my driver's sister, but it becomes a bit sad when browsing around the market you can bargain for the same products for a much cheaper price...

Just be reminded: people are making a living here and the western buying power is much bigger than the buying power of a Balinese, so all in all you always buy things at a bargain in Bali ;-)

Bali Bra

So next time you see Bali bras, Bali panties and Bali underwear: they are not at all from Bali Indonesia. Bali intimate apparel is a branded good passionate about helping in the fight against breast cancer. Because they believe that living beautifully means supporting causes that matter to women.

All this because I got a Bali bras discounted email... back to work!