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Posted on Wednesday, June 18, 2008

womans swimwearI mean: when Nasa helps in making Speedo's high-tech LZR Racer swimsuit, they become kind of swimsuits from space...

When you follow the Beijing swimwear competition, oops, Olympics, you must have heard that Japan wanted to ban their swimming athletes to wear Speedo's.

They even went the extra mile to let their swimmers like Aya Terakawa (see picture on the left) from the Mizumo swim team to wear exclusively Japanese sportswear.

Meanwhile the Japanese came back on their decision on June 12th.

But what worries me the most is: are the Olympics still about sports, about swimming or about swimwear? And if even the Japanese swimmers want to wear Speedo, what about other swimmers that don't have agreements with Speedo?

Wouldn't it be the most fare that from now on everybody agrees on the same swimsuit and therefore concentrate back to swimming in stead of concentrating on woman's swimwear?