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Posted on Monday, July 21, 2008

320 bikinis

Although you can admire 320 women in bikinis in he picture above, it was way to little for comfort.

Not your regular men's eyes viewing, but these 320 women in bikini were attempting to break the world record for the most bikini-clad women ever photographed together. The sad summer most likely is to blame as the British are brave enough to pose in swimwear worldwide :-)

Yet only 320 women stripped down to their two-piece swimwear at Redcar beach in Cleveland, where the current bikini record set on Sydney's Bondi Beach last September reached 1,010 women in swimwear. Organized by the Rotary club, I bet the Rotary men must have felt very, very sad, as in ... twice: no record, no humongous staring at beach babes...

1010 bikinis

In my opinion, the Australian pictures look much more professional than the British pictures from photographer Pam Ainsley ... That must be the price to pay when you don't attempt breaking the bikini record...

But the Rotary club is to be blamed I find.

Maybe the Rotary club should have sponsored each girl stripping down to her swimwear £5!

In stead of asking each participant to add their £5 entry fees for charity...