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Posted on Tuesday, July 15, 2008

danielle fishel in a bikini

Watch the former Boy Meets World star Danielle Fishel in a bikini.

Well, she has been loosing 27 and a half pounds since 2005. Unlike Mariah Carey in a bikini promoting 'music', Danielle is promoting her bikini diet system.

Unfortunately there is still no answer to the question how much does Danielle Fishel weigh today? I mean, photographers can do a lot to make your body look like a real beach babe. (boyfriends mostly have the opposite knowledge when taking your picture...)

Unfortunately no 'before and after' pictures of her in a bikini, but we did find a picture of Danielle Fishel in swimsuit taken during the Boy Meets World series in the early 90's.

danielle fishel in swimsuit

Good for you Danielle lossing some weight but.... 27 pounds in 3 years boils down to 9 poudns a year or less than a pound a month... not your fastest spring bikini diet when you want to loose a few kilo's in order to strutt your swimsuit on the beach.

If you want to loose weight fast, I recommend 2 things:

  • fruits: eat lots and lots of fruits, make it your main meals and inbetweens

  • exercise: lots and lots of exercise

What you burn off can't turn into fat, as simple as that :-) And if you don't loose the weight fats, I can guarantee you that after 3 years, you will have lost much more than 27 pounds...

Eat lost of fruits, do lots of exercise and you will look much better than Danielle Fishel in a bikini.

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